Winter Weather – The Problems That to Look Out for In your Home This Winter

With winter well underway now, it is time to make sure that we are ready for the worsening weather – getting our home prepared and knowing the main problems that the wintery weather can cause is important at this time of year, as it means that we are less likely to have to deal with any massive disasters during the winter months! As winter sets in, here are some things to be mindful of to prevent damage to your home…

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Trees are a common problem at this time of the year when they are near to your home. The leaves can cause problems as they block the gutters of the house, so it is important to make sure that you keep an eye on them now – look for signs that they are leaking water as this can be a sign of a blockage or a crack. The branches of trees can also cause problems for your roof if they are overhanging, or if they are blown off onto the roof during a winter storm, a tree surgeon will be able to help keep the tree well maintained and advise you on the risks that it poses to your home.

As well as above ground, trees can also cause damage below ground. The roots of a tree will naturally look out for any water or damp areas, so drains are a big attraction to them. However this means that they can cause a lot of damage if they get into drains and if you find that roots have got into the drains around the home you will need to get someone like this drain lining company wilkinson-env.co.uk out to repair it for you.

Ice and snow are common features of the winter, and as fun as they can be to play in, they are not so much fun for your home! As the temperatures start to drop, it can cause a lot of problems to many parts of the house. Pipes are something that often suffer in this weather, becoming frozen and not only preventing water coming through but also meaning that they could be likely to burst from the pressure of the ice. There are plenty of ways that you can protect pipes from becoming frozen in the winter, however.

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Ice and snow can also cause problems for the roof – it can work its way into cracks under tiles and as it expands, push the tiles off the roof which is not only dangerous for anyone below who could be hit with a falling tile, but also could mean that inside you may find that you have a damp patch in the ceiling or a leak in the roof, depending on how much damage the roof has sustained.

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