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WordPress Themes – A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Design

One of the most interesting features that makes WordPress such a flexible and powerful platform is its ability to adapt to (almost) any type of need. That is, you can create from a very basic and traditional site to a virtual store with advanced features and different features.

This can be achieved in large part thanks to the themes or templates, which are the main basis of Web design in this content management system.

When installing and starting to use WordPress, one of the most important steps and decisions we must take is to choose the theme that will be used.

WordPress Themes – Tips to choose correctly

The theme or template largely defines the main appearance of the blog or website, that is why we should not take this decision lightly or without doing a good investigation about it.

To facilitate the process of choice of topic, follow the tips that we will see in this guide for you to choose the best design within the variety of WordPress themes that exist on the Internet.

Define the type of website you are going to create

The first step is to define the type of website you are going to create. It is obvious that it is not the same to choose a topic for a blog as for a virtual store or a membership.

With WordPress you can create almost any type of website, among which are …

  • Personal and professional blogs
  • Corporate and business sites
  • Portfolio sites for freelancers
  • Sales Web pages (capture pages, sales letters, etc.)
  • Virtual shops
  • Memberships
  • Coupons
  • Learning and training platforms
  • Many more!

Before starting to search for WordPress themes, be 100% clear what the type of website will be. So you can choose much faster and in a better way.

What is the main purpose or purpose of your site?

In addition to knowing the type of site you want to create, something that will help you a lot to make the best possible decision as to which WordPress theme you are going to choose is to define from the beginning the main purpose or purpose of your site.

It is possible that there are WordPress themes of the same category but with different functions, tools and features. For example, if your main objective is to grow your list of subscribers for your newsletter, then a theme that comes with a design that gives priority to email marketing (subscription forms, specific areas, widgets) will be the best option.

If your goal is to show your Web designs, then a theme with galleries and attractive design is an excellent option.

Your goal largely defines the final design.

Choose a flexible theme

Within the main characteristics of the theme that you are going to choose, look for it to be a flexible theme, offering different customization options and page templates.

Many designs come with few modification options in terms of design and structure, this may limit the options that users have to adapt it to what they really need.

WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes

With talk about WordPress themes, we can say that the two main categories are free and premium.

Although the free ones are a good option and some offer excellent design, it is best to choose a premium theme and invest a few dollars to be able to receive a template with more personalization, security and technical support options.

If you’re not ready for a premium theme, you can start with a free one and then do the update.

Take into account your tastes in design

For your industry and type of website, there are sure to be many theme options available to use.

Which one to choose?

This will depend largely on your tastes and personal preferences in terms of design, colors and basic structure.

Always take into account what you like and how you want your site to look. From there you can make improvements based on the suggestions you receive from people in your niche.

Navigation and structure

The colors, backgrounds and textures are a part to take into account. Another very important aspect is the navigation and structure that the site will have.

I recommend you choose a theme that offers options in terms of:

  • Different page templates
  • Panel and menu with options to modify the structure of the site
  • Number and position of widgets areas
  • Areas to insert personalized menus
  • Some kind of special content editor
  • Other similar tools

The more variety and flexibility your theme has, the better navigation and structure you can offer your visitors.

Responsive theme

This refers to the template adapting to different devices (mobile and desktop). A responsive theme comes ready to be seen from an iPhone or Android phone, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

More and more users are using their phones or tablets to surf the Internet, which is why we must be prepared to offer a design that has good support and looks excellent in these devices.

A prototype already armed

A good tip of WordPress themes that you can apply is to have a prototype of how exactly you want your website to look like.

This is very useful when you are working with a special designer or if you are going to need a site with much more advanced and personalized functions.

In this way we find the theme that best suits that design and then request the service of a freelance expert developer who can modify the template and thus the final design.

Support and user opinions

If you are going to acquire a premium theme, it is important before making the purchase to make sure that the supplier of that subject offers a good support in case of any error or assistance that is necessary.

It also reviews how good comments both the company and the subject you are interested in buying have. This should not be the main basis of your purchase, rather, one more aspect to take into account.

Constant updates

It is important to take into account if the developer of the item you are going to buy or use takes into account the updates and constant improvement of different aspects of the template. The web changes very fast at a very fast pace, and it is always good to improve the issues in terms of design, aesthetics and performance.


Choosing a WordPress theme for your site is one of the most important decisions for the future of your project and the results you will get.

By following these tips you can make the best choice more quickly and effectively, always remembering that you can modify the theme or modify it if necessary or the needs change for some reason.

Everything is a matter of finding a balance between a designs that you like and features of functionality that suit your needs and the goal you want to fulfill with your WordPress site.

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