10 useful tips and a bit strange for a perfect garden

Ten tips and tricks to have a perfect garden. A few simple steps to unleash your neighbors’ envy!

Do you want a perfect garden using bizarre, but above all natural solutions? So do not miss out on our ten tips that will make your plants even more beautiful and healthy!

perfect garden

1. Label the plants with pebbles and stones

An alternative and nice solution to see is to mark the garden plants with pebbles and stones decorated by hand. You can have fun with drawings, markers and colored paints, the important thing is to write the name of the plant in a clear and legible way.

Better to choose smooth and uniform stones.

2. Diapers for plants

This second solution would seem rather bizarre, yet it is a panacea to have a perfect garden with healthy plants. In fact, having the correct humidity allows plants to grow better. The diaper should be placed in flower containers, on the bottom, with the absorbent side facing upwards. Then, cover it with a thin layer of trident. It is a solution that allows you to maintain a constant humidity, reducing the amount of water needed for watering.

3. For a perfect and colorful garden

If you want to complete the work started with the stones and have an even more imaginative and colorful garden, you can indulge in coloring the clay pots, livening them according to your tastes. Abstract drawings, simple lines or colored circles can be enough to turn your garden into a real work of art!

4. Coffee grounds to nourish the plants

As we have seen on several occasions, coffee grounds are a precious resource, also useful in gardening. The residues of your favorite beverage can in fact be used as a natural fertilizer, especially suitable for plants that require acid soils. Spreading coffee grounds around your crops also helps keep insects away.

5. Sand toolboxes

If you do not know where to store your gardening tools, you can think of making a useful box made of sand. The sand, in fact, allows you to keep the tools in order, sharpened and prevents the formation of rust. Take a jar, a box or any other recycled container, fill it with dry sand and you’re done!

perfect garden

6. Pine cones to protect the succulents

As many of you will know, one of the things that most fear fat plants are the stagnation of water. A trick to prevent excess moisture from forming in the pots is then placed on the bottom of the pine cones, which will then be covered with soil. Your seedlings will thank you!

7. To everyone space!

Plants and flowers should not grow up against each other. To have a perfect garden, where each plant has its own space to grow, you could use wooden spacers that allow you to sow at regular intervals.

8. Avoid waste

A trick to save water could be to wash and rinse vegetables directly in the garden. We waste so much of that water at home that this solution could really allow us to optimize its use.

9. Bananas for the most beautiful roses

Are you a rose lover? Put it near the banana peels! They will release potassium into the soil and will be a great help to prevent fungal diseases.

10. In small drops

Finally, here is our last tip: reuse plastic bottles to wet the ground, a little at a time in a constant way. The ideal solution to guarantee correct irrigation to your garden.

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