20 wedding dresses with a touch of color for the most glamorous

Among all the existing wedding dresses, there is a category that stands out for being halfway between two well-defined positions. No, these are not short wedding dresses, but rather those with touches of color. These garments, on the one hand, follow the tradition of the white dress. On the other they wink at the colors, finding a thousand different ways to be special. And no, there is no special rule for bridal shoes: white or colored, the choice is all yours!

Embroidery and secrets20 wedding dresses with a touch of color for the most glamorous

The most elegant, graceful and refined way to wear a touch of color on a white dress is to choose one with colorful floral embroidery. These precious seams, besides being real works of art, can embellish both simple wedding dresses and princely dresses. In the first case, the embroidery could occupy the entire length of the dress, just like in the Blumarine model; in the second case, the decorations could be concentrated on the bodice, leaving the skirt free to move in the wind blowing over the sea or the lake. As in Colet’s model, embroidery is sometimes just an intuition: discreet and refined. they rest gently on one side of the bride, ready to be admired as a secret intended only for those approaching to give her a kiss.

Eclectic personalities

One of the qualities recognized to women is their ability to be multitasking: They know how to be at the same time daughters, mothers, wives, entrepreneurs. And so on and so forth! At first impression, the most eclectic personalities may appear fluctuating. But, in the end, it is only the inability to submit to a specific category or label. Do you feel that way too? If you are reflected in this profile you may not know how to decide between a white dress. And a colorful wedding dress … you would like both!

Good news, there is a refined solution, which will make you look classic. And innovative at the same time: it is a fabulous two-tone dress. You can opt for a model where the touch of color is presented delicately on the skirt. Or on the bodice as in the Blumarine proposals. Or you can choose the separation between the white. And the intense black that praises the decollete of the brides of Amelia Casablanca, over a soft white skirt.

Touches of color … personal!

To revive your dress, you don’t necessarily have to buy the perfect one. You will make it so, giving it a touch of personal creativity through accessories. Have you ever thought of using them colored, in stark contrast to the white of the dress? To give you an idea, we show you some examples ranging from the eccentricity of Amelia Casablanca to the decisive delicacy of Justin Alexander Signature. Be special, it takes little: a blue flower in your hair or even just a colorful belt at the waist … the important thing is that the chosen color is the same or matched to the one that will dominate the theme of your wedding.

To be beautiful … just apply!

The most surprising wedding dresses are those with the most unusual applications. But which seem to have found their place in the world. Style, after all, lies in knowing how to combine colors. And fabrics that enhance each other and are also in harmony with one’s own personality. Moreover, nothing can enhance femininity as much as floral applications: look at the rose-dyed reliefs of Justin Alexander Signature. Finally, if you are looking for something really special, let yourself be surprised by the colorful floral inserts on the veil … take a look at the gallery and you will understand instantly!

Did you like these models? As you may have noticed, when it comes to weddings, imagination always wins. And even a lace wedding dress can be perfect with a touch of color. Have you taken a look at our bridal catalog of the brand new 2019 wedding dress proposals? If you like the idea, what are you waiting for?

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