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4 Magnificent Types of Gin Tasting Events

Are you a fan of gin? The popular alcoholic beverage possibly dates back to the Middle Ages and a distilled beverage known as “genever,” according to The Manual. Gin mostly gets its flavour from juniper berries. One of the most exciting ways to enjoy alcoholic drinks is through gin tasting events. These events are similar to wine tasting and can include several types,  including the following:

Distillery Tour

It’s easier to appreciate your favourite alcoholic drink when you learn how it’s made. A distillery guided tour can provide that information. It also features alcoholic drinks like gins, whiskey, and vodka.

The specific process for making particular alcoholic drinks like gin is unique from other drinks. Thus, it’s a plus when you can learn about how the beverages are produced.

The tour might be followed by tasting, which gives you a chance to experience different gin types. It’s a practical event, for you can have a better appreciation for the alcohol-producing process after the tour.

One of the caveats of this event is there will likely be a tour capacity. So it’s essential to make your reservation for a guided tour as early as possible. Doing so will help to guarantee that you can participate in the tour on a particular day.

If you’re giving the tour as a gift,  it’s essential to book for the tour early to secure a particular date you need.

Guided Tasting

This event involves learning about different topics, including gin’s history, how it’s produced, and how a particular distillery produces gin.

This tasting event is different since gin-tasting experts lead it. You’ll likely have the chance to taste premium gins and special botanicals that a distillery produces. It’s all valuable information for fans of the alcoholic beverage.

This type of tasting event is different since gin gurus guide it. Gin types tasted are premium blends or those you might not usually buy due to the high cost.

As always make sure to learn about the tasting’s capacity. This type of event will likely have a lower capacity than regular tasting events.

Bar Reservations 

Bar reservations provide a comfy setting to enjoy a wide range of alcoholic drinks like gins, and bar snacks like peanuts. These events typically include a bar credit and time limit that allow you to order drinks like cocktails that contain gin.

These events might also include table service. This service s a special one that creates a more relaxing environment than sitting on a bar stool, for example. You can enjoy a wide range of different drinks and snacks.

Gin-making Class

These classes often include features like the history of gin. This includes the history of gin globally and locally in Australia. The info can help to provide a better appreciation for gin after learning some basics about its history.

The main feature of the class is producing your own gin. This could include teaching how to select and combine botanical distillates to create your own customized gin. You can then take the gin bottles home and enjoy the DIY spirits that you created yourself.

There are many types of gin tasting events you can experience. They include distillery tours, bar reservations, and gin-making class. Regardless of the one your pick it will help you to appreciate and enjoy the alcoholic beverage that was invented up to a thousand years ago.

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