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For most men, their soon-to-be wedding will probably be the first time to prepare what they must wear. In fact, for some, this is the first time they may buy a fancy suit. Since dress codes have started to be more lenient, formal events like weddings are the rare occasions when guys have to strictly follow dress codes. Unfortunately, some guys have experienced wearing tailored suits, let alone browse from retailers like the Oxford Shop wedding suits. Hence, they didn’t anticipate the factors needed when it comes to shopping for one.

If you’re one of these men or know someone who’s going to be a future groom, then it is wise to learn a few tips on choosing the right suit on your wedding day. Besides, you don’t want to ruin the most special day for everyone.

Start your search as early as possible

According to fashion experts, there are two methods that men can apply when looking for the right suit – they can do fast or find cheap. But nowadays, the fast process will never work. To find a fancy suit, it requires time to look into several available styles. Some may even have to be specially ordered, even if it is ready-to-wear.

Browsing through different styles will involve trying out every piece, which will surely require a considerable amount of time before selecting the one you like, which must also fit you well. When you’re on a tight budget, set a reasonable amount and expectation. There are several nice-looking suits that won’t blow your budget. Expensive doesn’t always mean the best. Thus, the earlier you shop, the more time you can go through the options.

Stick to the classics

As much as every couple wants their wedding to be as personalised as possible, even up to their clothes’ styles, nothing beats classic wedding suits. If you’re too unsure of which trend to follow, go for timeless cuts. As you browse through wedding clothes, retailers like Oxford Shop wedding suits, filter the choice to classic cuts and colours.

Bear in mind that even if it is a timeless piece, the fit must be right for your body shape. Like women, you also have to know which part of your body is your asset so you can flaunt it and hide the unflattering ones. Not all suit styles are appropriate to all body shapes, even if these come in layers.

Look at your trousers if they’re not too baggy or tight. Also, try on different sizes and not just rely on your regular sizing. Every size is unique, so you may put on perhaps a size bigger and a size smaller than usual. The length has to be checked too, if the shop offers alteration, have it adjusted accordingly. The goal here is to choose a classic suit that best fits you from top to bottom.

Choose the right colour 

Naturally, men would prefer dark shades like charcoal or navy so they can still recycle on other special occasions. Avoid choosing black because it’s too dull for a wedding event. As for the inner shirt, pick something with a subtle shade. A white semi-spread collared top is a great choice. When looking through retailers of wedding clothes like Oxford Shop wedding suits, make sure that you also find the matching accessories. The cufflinks, shoes, belts, and ties are all essential to complete the entire ensemble. Hence, pick a colour that can easily go with other accessories.

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