5 ways to use activated charcoal to be more beautiful

It is called charcoal, or even activated charcoal, a name that perhaps best expresses the idea of the multiplicity of functions that it can exert on our intestine. These are tablets that are bought in herbal medicine, pharmacy or drugstore but derive from a powder. A long process of combustion without flame transforms in fact powder of various types of wood (poplar, willow and birch are among the most popular) in a very thin coal dust.

To take care of your skin, your teeth and even your hair you can use activated charcoal, a natural substance that respects sensitive skin and its many properties.

The charcoal is used by more and for the care of the body, especially the gut. In recent years it has turned out to be a super food, it is no coincidence that they are depopulating the black dough, for bread, pizza and cakes, based on coal. If you are a lover of natural treatments you could also use it to take care of your beauty. Such as?

Here are 5 ways to use activated charcoal

1) Face mask: You can create a DIY peel-off treatment, exceptional. You have to make a soft dough using just a tablespoon of charcoal powder, two tablespoons of clay, a teaspoon of apple cider and a teaspoon of water. This mask will clean the pores in depth, giving shine to the skin.

2) Whiten your teeth: It may seem strange that such a dark substance may actually have a whitening effect. Buy some coal and powder it and add it to your toothpaste. Brush your teeth for 3 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water, then reread your teeth normally.

3) Coal for the scrub: Also in this case you have to pulverize the coal and add it to a shower-bath. It is a great exfoliate, it extracts the excess oils from the skin and cleans the pores in depth.

4) Detoxifying shampoo: Add some charcoal to the shampoo and you can remove impurities from the scalp and reduce grease if you have fatty skin problems. You have light hair, you should wash them once or twice after treatment.

5) Treat acne: If you suffer from oily skin and acne, wash your face with a charcoal soap (you can also do it yourself). This plant substance does not cause allergies and is very respectful of sensitive skin, it also fights inflammation.

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