Chapter 8 for Dummies

Safety comes first on the road, so chevrons have been designed with this in mind. Chapter 8 is the section of the official Traffic Signs Manual, as devised and put together by the Department of Transport. The guidelines demonstrate in detail the various safety requirements relating to traffic flow and carriageway works that are temporary in nature. This code of practice ensures that motorists and pedestrians remain safe at all times, along with those personnel working on the temporary schemes.

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What are the chevron markings like?

The guidance for ‘Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations’ has been split into three parts – designs, operations and an update. ‘Operations’ focuses on vehicle issues and points out that all motors, from small cars to business vehicles, should be kitted out in High Visibility Markings if they are in a stationary position on a road where the speed limit is over 50mph, for work or inspection purposes. The vehicle should ideally be white or yellow.

If vehicles are being used by those carrying out essential work on roads, then an additional notice is required stating ‘Highway Maintenance’. Alternatively ‘Motorway Maintenance’ should be clearly visible on vehicles on motorways with the text at a specified size.

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Chevron markings on the backs of vehicles should comprise of retro-reflective red stripes and non-reflective yellow stripes which must be fluorescent. There are specified size requirements for these strips. The width should be at least 150mm, angled from 45° to 60°. It is important that windows, registrations and lights are not obscured by the markings.

Fit chevrons to your fleet of commercial vehicles

If you require Chapter 8 Chevrons to be fitted to your fleet, you can have this process carried out at a number of firms, including https://www.vehiclechevrons.com/. They will discuss your requirements for your vehicles and provide appropriate coverings, in keeping with the law.

According to the government website, smart motorways are dramatically improving road safety. Research shows that accident rates have dropped by over 25 per cent on the first nine of these smart motorways.

Safety is the main objective with chevron markings and a vehicle panel can be completely covered or ‘flooded’ in yellow fluorescent material to make it even more attractive. Professionals will then install the reflective red parts on top of the yellow vinyl.

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