What does the term “Major Incident” really mean?

If you’re listening to the radio or watching television and you hear the reporter mention a “Major Incident” it makes most people stop and take notice of what’s happened, a feeling of dread comes over you and immediately you fear the worst.  This awful feeling is quite often warranted as this serious statement means, an emergency that requires special measures to be put into place and at least one of the emergency services called.

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If there is a tanker involved in the Major Incident and there has been a chemical spillage then specialist Chemical Spill Kits supplied by a professional company such as hydepark-environmental could well be used to clean the road surface. There can be other causes that spark a Major Incident alert, things like, severe weather conditions, including, snow, ice, and large-scale flooding. It is highly unlikely that you will ever be caught up in an Incident of this nature, but they do happen and when they do special plans are immediately put into place. In the counties of Cornwall and Devon, including the Isles of Scilly, the LRF, Local Resilience Forum are responsible for any plans to deal with a major Incident.

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The LRF don’t work alone, they are in close partnership with the NHS, all three emergency services, Utility companies, Highways agencies and the military.  Together this elite force combines to tackle any Major Incident and deal with anything they encounter professionally and thoroughly.

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