4 Essential Tips for Buying Genuine Car Parts Online

Isn’t owning your desired car the best feeling? The long rides, daily commute and driving your vehicle to holiday destinations are part of your life. But it wears out as time passes, and you start scouring the internet to find the parts online.

But if you’re first-time shopping online for auto parts, it can get confusing, especially if you’re searching for Holden parts for your car.

Feeling intimidated about whether it’s possible to find genuine parts online? Let’s not panic.

These tips will help you find the desired car components like a pro.

How to Buy Authentic Car Parts?

The charm of finding solutions online is real and saves time. But it may get stressful for some people. Whether the parts are genuine? How can you find a suitable component? If these questions are haunting your dreams, too, you’re not alone.

To get you through this, here is what you can do to take the heat off your head.

Let’s get to it!

1.    Get Better at Research

Start with doing some research online. A solid groundwork on whether the parts you’re searching for are available or not will make your life easier. Above it, don’t settle for the first retailer your find online offering car parts.

Spend a bit more time finding other alternatives and see if other dealers offer better deals. You can also speak to your authorised service centre or local spare part distributors to ensure finding the suitable component.

2.    Know Your Vehicle

The simplest way to find the perfect match for your vehicle is to know its model, make, series variant and year. Most car companies launch many cars under the same name and model. Having all these details handy will help your find compatible spare parts and saves you time.

All the information is easily accessible in your vehicle’s manual. You can check the details using the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or PR number. Once you have these details, put the numbers on the company’s website, and there you have it.

3.    Identify the Right Car Part

Holden decided to “retire” as a brand by 2021. However, they assure to stay for at least ten years to offer spare parts. That’s why it’s crucial to put extra effort into finding original auto parts.

To find the right Holden parts distributors and genuine parts, you may require the serial number of the components. Also, note down the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) number of the spare part to ensure finding the original spare part retailers.

The OEM number is the key to defining the authenticity of spare parts that manufacturers sell online.

4.    Warranty and Return Policy

Your work doesn’t end once you find the right spare part and genuine dealer. Online shopping calls for smart buyer practices. And an intelligent buyer knows and checks the warranty offered by the seller online before placing the order.

It’s easy to get tempted by lucrative offers online and get carried away. However, you must check the return policy to ensure that when you need to return the product, it doesn’t complicate things.

The Bottom Line

Timely repair and using genuine parts provide optimal performance. Moreover, it decreases the chances of breakdowns and grants peace of mind. Remember the above tips and shop online for genuine Holden parts without worry.

You can also rely on reviews on the website or ask your car enthusiast friends for a better auto part shopping experience.

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