Keeping your business and customers safe from Money Laundering and online Fraud.

H M Revenue and Customs is the organisation responsible for the rules and regulations regarding keeping your business safe from money laundering and online fraud. It is extremely important as an owner of an independent business that you comply with all the rules they enforce.  As long as your company abides by these conditions and applies due diligence in obtaining any potential customers true identities then you should be safe from any scammers. Documentation provided from every customer should include full names, date of birth, and photographic evidence of an address, taken from an official document.

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Take advice from reputable companies such as on things like AML ID CHECK so that you can be absolutely sure you are doing everything in your power to keep your company and customers safe. Most businesses deal with some form of monetary transaction, mostly through online banking, these dealings are potentially open to fraud and scammers using your firm to launder stolen money.

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Apart from conducting a thorough risk assessment for your company you can carefully follow the strict rules and regulations set out by the Governments H M Revenue and Customs and keep extensive records of all your customers and financial dealings. In this way, you will help prevent money laundering and stop potential Scammers from using your honest business and customers to dispose of any dirty, stolen money.


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