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Adding extra value to your home, whether you’re staying there for a long time or preparing to sell.

You may have decided that now is a good time to sell your current property or you may be looking to add extra value, comfort and style to a home you plan to live in for several more years, whichever position you are in, you can look at the same options of how to increase the value of your home. Extensions and conversions are always worth considering, especially if you plan to market your house as a potential family home. A large open plan kitchen/dining room complete with professionally laid Engineered Wood Flooring is definitely a money maker, practical and hard wearing the perfect choice for a family home, even if you don’t want to sell.

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An extension or conversion can also benefit from this choice of wooden effect flooring, and if you are installing a new bathroom or kitchen, then this flooring option works best.  Both rooms will benefit considerably from this particular flooring option. Consider extending this particular type of modern real wood effect flooring throughout the whole property, families love the versatile effect and the ease of cleaning, they can add beautiful rugs and furnishings to soften the look and make the property really homely.

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If you are selling, then a complete declutter of all personal knickknacks and memorabilia should be considered.  Tidy the front and back gardens, giving more curb appeal, an elegant and attractive look that will bring in more potential buyers.

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