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Cooling a building without AC

Increasingly offices and buildings are looking for ways to try and limit the use of air conditioning.  Air conditioning is an extremely effective way of keeping an office cool but it does require enormous amounts of energy and therefore contributes to the problem of climate change.  Climate change, of course, is being given as a reason as to why we’re having increasingly warmer weather, therefore increasing the need to use the air conditioning.  What ways can be employed to stop the use of this energy draining,  resource consuming cooling option.

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One of the first options is to go green.  This can be quite literally.  The placing of trees around an office building acts as a heat sink.  Trees are renowned for their ability to absorb heat which they enjoy doing so that they can convert the carbon into oxygen.

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The building itself can also feature designs that will reduce the amount of heat that is generated.  Sunlight is a particular problem when it comes to overheating.  However the solution can come from a traditional French design known as  Brise Soleil, like that from alusystems. These are wood or metal slatted units that are placed in front of or over the building and they provide natural shading.  The sunlight is unable to penetrate the building itself, stopping the exposure that staff might experience.

Other options include a system of mechanised Windows opening and closing which regulates the temperature within the building at any given time of the day.

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