How to Maintain a Fridge Freezer

The fridge freezer works hard to preserve foods, cut energy costs and extend food shelf life. However, like any appliance it needs routine care and maintenance to function properly. While some issues, such as warm food or water leaks, require the attention of a professional refrigerator repair person, many minor problems can be prevented with timely troubleshooting and simple DIY home refrigerator maintenance tasks.

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Check door seals for a tight fit. A loose seal lets cold air escape, forcing the fridge to work harder, wasting electricity and money. Clean the gasket with a damp cloth to keep crumbs and spills from compromising the seal. To see an Integrated Fridge Freezer, visit Wellingtons who supply electricals like an Integrated Fridge Freezer.

Clean condenser coils twice a year to make your fridge run cooler and more efficiently. Unplug the fridge and pull it away from the wall to reveal the coils (or snap off the grille at the bottom front of the unit to access the coils). Vacuum them or use a special coil brush to remove dust, which obstructs cooling.

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Keep vents clear of debris, such as twist ties from frozen food bags or crumbs from exposed foods. Obstructed vents slow down circulation and cause frost and moisture build-up on the walls and roof of the freezer, affecting how well the contents freeze or defrost.

Keep the freezer full, ideally two-thirds full, to help ensure that all areas get evenly chilled. An empty appliance uses more power to cool itself, and the cold spots in the middle can cause foods at the back of the freezer to spoil faster than those in the front.

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