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Top Kitchen Tools for Foodies

We’ve all got a foodie in our lives, and while having a clear hobby may sound ideal for gift-giving, you often find they already have exactly what you’ve gotten them. Despite this, it feels almost impossible to find them a gift that’s unrelated to food, so what are you to do? Listed below are some of the top kitchen tools that every foodie is sure to appreciate. Whether they make their lives easier or they simply incorporate a bit of fun into cooking, they’re sure to be worthy additions to their kitchens. Find some inspiration for the foodie in your life below.

Reusable Straws

Whether you’re looking to keep your lipstick intact or you don’t want to stain your teeth from a beverage that isn’t water, straws can be incredibly useful. Despite this, single-use plastic straws are some of the worst things for the environment. After all, we’ve all heard of the damage that they do to the turtles. Therefore, some reusable straws are worthy additions to someone’s kitchen, allowing them to reap the benefits of drinking through a straw while also being a friend of the environment. There are so many on the market after the uproar that single-use plastic straws have caused in recent years.

Butter Spreader Knife

Is there anything more frustrating than grabbing a block of butter from the fridge to find that it’s too cold to spread on your bread? You leave the butter on your bread for a while to let it soften slightly, but you almost always run out of patience before it has melted enough. As a result, you find yourself ripping a hole through the bread, and your sandwich is ruined. That’s where a butter spreader knife comes in to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to spreading butter. A butter spreader knife is equipped with a line of tiny holes, reducing the surface area of the butter and making it melt away more easily.

Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Who doesn’t love a sausage and egg McMuffin? Well, how would you feel if you could make your own breakfast muffin from home? An electric breakfast sandwich maker allows you to make round eggs that are reminiscent of the McMuffin, allowing you to enjoy the delights of a breakfast muffin at a fraction of the cost. Similarly, there are multiple other compartments for the other components of the muffin, making an electric breakfast sandwich maker your one-stop shop for Sunday morning breakfasts.

Microwave Cleaner

One of the most tedious kitchen chores is cleaning out the microwave, but it’s something that needs to be done semi-regularly. You can make someone’s life a whole lot easier when it comes to cleaning the microwave with the help of a specialized microwave cleaner. These are simply filled with water and vinegar, and they can then be placed in the microwave and heated for seven minutes. After this, all the microwave will require is a quick wipe, and you’ll be on your way.

Eight-in-One Kitchen Tool

An eight-in-one kitchen tool typically comprises a can opener, cheese grater, egg separator, spice grater, egg masher, squeezer, measuring cup, and funnel. This is the ideal piece for traveling, as you can virtually bring your entire kitchen with you effortlessly. In spite of their various functions, eight-in-one tools are reasonably affordable, meaning you won’t have to break the bank to please the foodie in your life. Whatever is needed in the kitchen, an eight-in-one kitchen tool has got you covered.

Do any of these products seem like they’ll appeal to the foodie in your life?

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