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Trees That Help Wildlife and Can be Grown in the Garden

Trees are a great addition to a garden. As well as being beautiful, they also provide a great habitat and food for wildlife. You can grow a tree from a sapling, or if you want a tree that is ready grown and full size, have a look for mature trees for sale like this theplantcollector.com/collections/mature-trees

There are many different types of trees, and it can be hard to choose – here are some trees that are worth considering for your garden…

Crab-apple Tree – This is a good tree for a smaller garden, and the tiny fruits, although not pleasant to humans, are a hit with birds, insects and mammals in the autumn. The spring is a treat too, as the blossom looks beautiful.

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Hawthorn – This can be planted as a tree or as part of a hedge, and there are many birds and insects that enjoy the red autumn fruits of the tree, known as haws, including redwings and the brimstone moth.

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Beech – This is a tree that is best suited for a larger garden as it grows very tall and wide. The beech nuts are a firm favourite with birds throughout the autumn and as it is such a large tree it also supports a wide variety of animals who set up home here.

Small Leaved Lime – If you are looking to attract bees, then this is a great choice. In the early summer the flowers will bloom, attracting bees to the tree.

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