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What Rooms are Best for Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating has many benefits – it is more economical to run which will save you a lot of money when it comes to energy bills, it is low maintenance, and it removes the need to have radiators all over the house.

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Because underfloor heating can be adapted and used in some rooms and not others if you choose, many people opt to only heat part of the home with underfloor heating. These are the rooms that it is most popular in…

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Bedrooms – Getting out of bed on a cold winter morning can be tough, but having a warm floor to put your feet onto makes it easier!

Bathrooms – For the same reason, bathrooms are also a very popular choice for installing underfloor heating. Stepping out of the bath or shower is much more pleasant when the floor is warm!

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Basements – If you have a basement, you will know it can tend to get chilly. Installing underfloor heating is great, as it doesn’t only heat the basement, but the rising heat can also help to heat the rest of the house.

Kitchens – The kitchen can be cool and also damp, so underfloor heating can work well here helping to reduce damp and mould from forming.

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