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The colonial style decor

The colonial style decor is a true art when applied to modern decoration, the beauty of its pieces and its quiet lines are the main characteristics of it.

It is called colonial style to style architectural and decorative with the inhabitants from the metropolis decorated their homes in the colonies. Nowadays it is a very used decorative style due to its warmth, simplicity, and comfort.

How to do colonial style decor

Textilescolonial style decor

In the colonial style decor, the fabrics of curtains and upholstery preferred are those of transparency like linen. Or any fabric of natural origin, among them raffia and burlap, which are very durable and easy to clean.

The carpets of long and abundant hair, of vegetal fibers combined with objects of wicker, dress the spaces like the main living room giving it an extremely warm and cozy aspect.

The materials are lightened and the decorations of floral prints combine with embroidery and lace on pillows, bedding, towels, etc.

Colorcolonial style decor

The color par excellence is white and all its chromatic family, such as beige and browns. However, our home can also count colder tones, but always within the soft tones: violet, turquoise, lilac or mauve.

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In this style, wood is essential, either in the floors, like the furnishings themselves, which are combined with exquisite details of steel and wrought iron, giving that special touch that characterizes the colonial pieces.


On the other hand the decorative accessories in the environments, which stand out in this style, are the sepia photographs of landscapes, trunks, and screens, but the real touches of the colonial style decor are given by the old shelves full of books , iron lanterns Forged, picture frames that stand out in the main decorations, candlesticks and candles that in some environments invite privacy.

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Furniturecolonial style decor

Generally, it is about large pieces, especially the beds, which sometimes. And depending on the design, add to the size of the mattress 25cm on each side. Generously sized sofas, large armchairs and coffee tables … the generally unlimited exterior. The size of colonial interior furniture is still a facet to be polished.

Referents that cannot be missing are the canopy bed inside the bedroom. The rest in the colonial style breathes classicism, dresses tulle curtains and embroidery on the bedspreads.

A large and imposing trunk at the foot of the bed, a screen in the most strategic part of the private room and a latticework like shutters, will round the intention making it perfect.

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