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How to paint wooden door? Step by step guideline

In this article, we will focus on how to paint wooden door. Our experts use the most effective techniques with the best materials on the market. We offer excellent finishes for the doors of your house.

The doors are the presentation of our house. They are the threshold that connects the outside world with the security of the interior of the home. Therefore, we must take care of its appearance as much as we take care of the walls.

Whether it’s a room, a house or a business, it’s important to always take care of them. With us, you will find a specialized service in the painting of all types of doors.

We also offer you useful tips to take care of your doors properly, which we will develop throughout this article. Depending on the treatment you want to give the door, there is one method or another.

Materials for starting how to paint wooden door

How to paint wooden door

The materials to be used to paint a wooden door whose previous coating is kept in good condition are the following:

  1. Soft bristle brush
  2. Thin brush
  3. Paint for wood, varnish, primers (Depends)
  4. Water or thinners
  5. Painting process in simple steps
  6. Painting a wooden door is easier when it is in good condition and is much cheaper and less forced.

The first thing to do before painting is to check that the paint on the door is in good condition. It has none damage. Otherwise, we must repair the damage we find.

Step 1: To know if the paint is in good condition, we pass the sandpaper over a small surface area. Normally, wood acrylic paints are resistant to friction.

Step 2: After passing the resistance test, we must continue sanding all over the surface. So that we color the top paint.

With this, we are not removing the previous paint but adding friction surface so that the new paint will adhere better. Once this is done, we can remove the dust from the wood with a soft brush and finish with a damp cloth.

Step 3: We will continue applying the first coat of paint. We make sure to cover the entire surface, painting in two directions, vertical and then horizontal.

In the case of being a virgin door, we must apply a primer. A sealer if we are going to paint it in white or colors, or a filler if we are going to varnish it

Step 4: Once the first layer dries, we should apply two more or one more. The more layer we leave better. Think that the paint is like the skin if we leave more thickness, more protection we will have. If there are drops on the wood, we should go over the brush and continue painting normally. But avoid letting the drops dry on the door.

Remember the process:

To paint a white door or colors: Primer primer and then finish paint.

To varnish: Apply the filler and finish with varnish or dye varnish. If we are going to work with two component products, it is recommended that both the primer and the finish be two components.

Materials needed to repair wooden doors

repair wooden doors

As in the world, things are not always as easy as covering something old with something new. We usually find situations in which the paint is worn. The doors have very visible blows and damages that we must repair.

To repair a wooden door, it is necessary to have more specialized materials. The working time will be extended even more. In general, it will be a more difficult challenge, but nothing impossible for our team of experts.

We will need:

  1. Stripper
  2. Spatula
  3. Primer
  4. Wet sponge
  5. Brush
  6. Putty for wood
  7. Wooden sand
  8. Acrylic paint or wood enamel

Proceed then to start the repair process. We must remember for this work we use abrasive and potentially dangerous materials, so it is necessary to take special precautions in these cases.

How to repair the wood of a door in poor condition?

Step 1: With having a badly adhered film, we remove that surface. After shaking the paint remover or paint stripper thoroughly, we must spray it through all the wood of the door. This will chemically remove the previous paint that would not come easily using only the sandpaper. If it is in gel, it is left to act for half an hour and then it is removed.

It is important that we make sure to protect ourselves adequately. Latex gloves and a mask should be used to avoid inhaling the paint stripper.

In the same way, this step must be done in a well-ventilated place so that the air takes waste.

Step 2: After resting the door with the paint stripper for 30 minutes, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, we proceed to remove the paint using a spatula.

We use a damp cloth to remove all the paint strip remaining on the door. If not, the new paint could come off.

Step 3: Apply the wood putty punctually on the damage, taking care not to overdo the amount.

When the putty dries, we must sand the wood to match the repairs with the rest of the surface of the door, smoothing it as best as possible.

Step 4: Apply the filler or sealant over the entire surface of the door to prevent the paint from being absorbed by the wood. Apply several layers of the material.

Step 5: Finally apply several coats of wood varnish or enamel, in the same way that we applied it to the wood in good condition, until it completely covers the door.

Place decorative motifs on wooden doors

With children’s doors, we can apply colorful designs or entertaining geometric patterns, such as stars, flowers or figurines. To do this, it is enough to have some extra creativity.

The first thing we must do is select the template that we want to use, detach it from the protective paper and fix it with masking tape to the door in question.

With a spray of the color of your preference, we apply the designs to the wood.

We must check that the pressure of the spray is correct, to avoid that the paint drips or diffuses too much, and make sure not to exceed the template.

To apply the spray normally, we do it from a distance of 15 cm standard, although this can vary according to the brand that is used.

Any questions you have when applying or treating a wooden door, contact us or leave a comment, and we will respond.

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