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Cooking in the time of the coronavirus: here are some recipes to do in quarantine.

From appetizers to desserts, a collection of recipes that can be prepared with recycled ingredients, which we already have in the fridge or pantry. Reconciling the few shopping trips with healthy and delicious eating. Rediscovering simplicity.

In the days of the lockdown, the almost total closure of the country, we must comply with the provisions and limit the exits to the essential. Only expenses for essential and basic necessities are allowed, and the delivery of food also raises many ethical and health questions: often the bellmen work in the absence of personal protective equipment, and many of us are choosing not to use the service delivery of ready meals such as pizza or sandwiches.

Let’s rediscover the kitchen, therefore, and the pleasure of preparing appetizing dishes for the family, also thanks to the longer time available to us. Reconciling the need to feed ourselves with the reduced availability of fresh food, putting our hand in the pantry or leftovers that we have in the fridge. We will discover a series of delicious, easy and delicious recipes to do in quarantine.


Here are some recipes to do in a quarantine of what to cook with what you have at home, from appetizers to desserts.


Going out a few times a week, the first thing that can be thrown away is bread, which we cannot have fresh every day. The risk of waste is very high, but if we have ten minutes we can prepare this very easy focaccia, to be stuffed with cherry tomatoes. Which, in the fridge, never fails. Served hot with cheese, or cold squared, it is perfect as an appetizer and as an aperitif.


Tasty and crunchy, excellent if accompanied with homemade ketchup or mayonnaise, the onion rings are also simple and quick to prepare: the main ingredient is the onion, which we all have in abundance in our pantries and which is rich in beneficial properties for health.

ADVANCED PASTA OMELETCooking in the time of the coronavirus: here are some recipes to do in quarantine

Perfect as an appetizer or single dish accompanied by a side dish, it is excellent for reusing both the pasta already cooked leftover from the previous days and all the pasta shapes left in the bottom of the boxes. If we have stored the asparagus in the freezer, or we have bought it in a box, we also have the possibility to prepare a variant with asparagus.



A perfect first course to consume legumes, which are easy to store or buy in the canned lane. Excellent to eat with pasta or croutons, it is healthy and nutritious, rich in proteins, vitamins, and essential nutrients.


Meal saver dish par excellence, to prepare it we can finally use the tuna cans we have in the pantry: not only in the salad but for the first course as a chef. Tasty, which can be enriched with olives and capers, which we always have in the fridge.


The original Neapolitan recipe for pasta and potatoes, a dish with a unique flavor that allows you to recover the different pasta shapes left on the bottom of the bags. According to our tastes, we can also add provola and diced ham.

STUFFED EGGSCooking in the time of the coronavirus: here are some recipes to do in quarantine

A simple and practical dish to prepare, very versatile, excellent as an appetizer but also as a light and less elaborate main course. The stuffed eggs, in the version that we propose with this recipe, can not fail in the quarantine cuisine menu, because they use canned tuna and ingredients that you can buy and keep.


When we buy cauliflower, we boil it and freeze it. It will be easier for us to think about dinner, deciding in a flash to prepare a real delight, the cauliflower fritters. Ideal for bringing light but nutritious and tasty dishes to the table. Simple to prepare and enriched by the presence of spring onions among the ingredients, the cauliflower fritters without eggs go perfectly with a side dish for a complete dinner in a short time.

MACKEREL MEATBALLSCooking in the time of the coronavirus: here are some recipes to do in quarantine

Fish is important in the diet, even in quarantine times. It is certainly difficult to reconcile the few outputs with the freshness of the fish, but we can make up for it by purchasing mackerel, tuna, and smoked salmon, excellent to preserve and use to cook healthy and tasty dishes.


Still some recipes of side dishes and desserts, empty-fridge and empty-pantry.


A very simple and fast recipe that allows us to bring a tasty and tasty side dish to the table in just over 20 minutes. Ideal if we have some dried-up herbs to be consumed in the fridge or stale bread in the pantry.


Cooking in the time of the coronavirus: here are some recipes to do in quarantine

Prepared in a few minutes together with croutons, breadsticks or black olives, it is perfect with borlotti beans, but also cannellini beans or white beans from Spain. According to our taste, the salad can be enriched with thin slices of red onion.


If in these days we have ripe pears in the fruit bowl and yogurt in the refrigerator about to expire, here is a recipe for a soft, vegan and non-waste cake, so as not to throw away but recover the food that is no longer fresh.

CARROTS PIECooking in the time of the coronavirus: here are some recipes to do in quarantine

The vegan, and very simple, version of the carrot cake, as good as the one our grandmother prepared for a snack. Healthy and delicious, it is devoid of any food of animal origin, which makes it a perfect dessert for us to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.


In Italian and Italian homes, coffee never fails: why not use it also for a mouth-watering dessert? So we can also use that pack of whipping cream that is there in the fridge and that we see every time we open the door.

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