Five Useful Box-Packing Tips

Moving house can be a stressful time. Whether you are employing a removals company or hiring your own van, it is likely that you will have boxes to pack. There are many issues to consider in packing boxes – take a look at the guidelines below.

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Is Moving Really Stressful?

There has been much research done into the effects of moving house on the individual and how it ranks in the list of major causes of stress in the life of an adult. The following article is a useful insight into this subject: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/online-estate-agent/reduce-stress-moving-home/.

Boxes and Packing Materials

1) You can buy boxes from your removals company. To save money, gather boxes from friends, family and supermarkets. However, it may be quicker just to buy boxes, as they will be of a uniform size and stack in a more logical way in the van. Here’s a  guide on choosing the best removals company.

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2) Packing materials are easy to improvise. Look at the fillers that comes with packages if you order goods online. Newspapers make excellent fillers, as do blankets and towels.

3) A golden rule is to pack your treasured glass and china in boxes on their own. Cushions and pillows can act as protection. If you are really concerned about your fragile items, this is the one aspect of the move that you could consider spending a little more money on by paying the removal firm to pack these items for you.

Consider using a man and van Slough to assist in your next move. You can find more information at https://www.uk-tdl.com/man-and-van-slough.html.

4) To save time in the whole packing process, long before your moving date is fixed, consider having a major declutter of your house or apartment. It is incredibly time-consuming to pack items which will remain in boxes at the other end because you don’t actually have any use for these things. Clothes can be taken to charity shops, as can books and DVDs. Do you really need all those unknown electrical items and extra cables? If you have a garden shed or garage, it is likely that you will have accumulated many unused items over the years.

5) Finally, remember to label your boxes. You can specify rooms and which floor of the house you need each box to go to. You should carry in your own car vital documents such as passports and property papers.

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