Four Amazing Life Skills Developed by Playing the Piano

Playing musical instruments improves mental skills that help people succeed in particular areas. One such musical instrument is the piano. Playing the piano requires a lot of focus and hand-eye coordination.

In addition, multiple studies have linked the study of music to improved success in different fields. People who practice musical instruments are also likely going to become high achievers. So, what makes people who play or practise the piano become successful in life? Mainly, there are a few essential skills they develop that are crucial to everyday life.

Sharpens Concentration

When playing musical instruments, people focus on their rhythm, note duration, tempo, and pitch. It is a multi-level concentration that is very difficult and requires a lot of hard work and practice. People who play musical instruments activate almost the majority of areas of the brain simultaneously. It is also the only activity that does such things to a person’s brain, making it very effective in sharpening concentration. Having a sharp concentration is very useful in either work or study as it makes the person fully focused on the task at hand. As a result, the results would always be perfect. 

Teaches Perseverance

Learning a musical instrument is no joke. First, it takes months to familiarise the basic notes and other aspects of the chosen musical instrument. Then, it takes years to fully master it. Learning to play new songs takes a lot of time and patience. Thus, in general, it teaches the person perseverance.

Even seasoned musicians spend weeks practising one song so they can play it fluently. With that in mind, many experts suggest teaching a person to play musical instruments at a young age to develop their essential skills, including perseverance.

It teaches them to do better and practise more because music will not sound harmonious if they do not familiarise themselves with every note and practise every tone. It develops perseverance because it challenges the person to overcome the difficult stage of learning a song. It is directly applied to a person’s everyday life to overcome challenges either at home, school, or work. 

Develops discipline

Playing any musical instrument is very challenging. However, by instilling self-discipline, a person will surely improve their skills in playing their chosen musical instrument. Practising over and over again is already a discipline. And there is no way a person can master it but by repeatedly practising until they hit the right note.

To achieve this, a person needs to discipline themselves. Of course, at the start, everything will be difficult. There might even be a point that the person is on the brink of giving up. However, with discipline, they overcome these challenges.

In real life, being disciplined benefits a lot. For example, being disciplined financially, being disciplined with health and other aspects in life provides many benefits. 

Improves Time Management

Practising regularly and dedicating time to it each day is a good practice of time management. Imagine spending the entire day at work or school. Instead of procrastinating or spending time in an unproductive activity, a person spends it practising a musical instrument.

In general, the piano is one of the most difficult musical instruments to master. It’s a little behind the guitar. It requires more than an hour a day of practice. However, spending time with it helps in improving time management. People develop a skill wherein they organise their daily activities and use time more efficiently.

Learning to play musical instruments, including pianos, moulds a person mentally. They develop skills like the ones mentioned above that help them with a lot of things which eventually help them become successful in life.

Many people are hesitant to learn to play musical instruments, but this post will surely give them an idea of what great things they can achieve if they step out of their comfort zone and pick up that music lesson they want to start.

Sylvia James

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