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T-Shirts: A Guide to Styling and Accessorising

Every man’s closet should include at least one t-shirt. This is because of their adaptability, relative affordability, and the fact that they may be worn in various ways for practically any occasion, except perhaps a cocktail party. Meanwhile, the guidelines for wearing tees are relatively simple. You can start with basic colours like white, black, grey, and navy, which can be worn with coats, knitwear, blazers, and collared shirts.

You can also go for plain/blank ones, which can be bought from a whole sale blank t-shirt shop near your location. Later, you can try printed and striped ones as well.

And once you’ve got it, you can start experimenting with prints, patterns, detailing, and materials to truly personalise your style.

So to help you with this, here is a comprehensive guide on how to wear tees in style.

How to Wear Plain/Blank T-shirts

Tees are the best staple item in men’s closets that they can easily pull off. As previously stated, solid-coloured tees go with almost anything. Actors like Justin Theroux and Ryan Gosling have already proven that they can look good on their own tees over the summer. When the weather becomes cooler, though, layering them up gives you a whole new wardrobe dimension to work with.

But, if you’re not sure what to wear with your tee, start with white and pair it with blue, black, or stonewashed jeans. This is laid-back and simple, which is exactly the look you want to achieve. And depending on the occasion, they can also be worn with bomber jackets, denim jackets, or cardigans. Moreover, you can find wholesale blank t-shirt shops online to make your own style from scratch.

Styling Printed Tees

Printed tees follow the same rules as plain tees, but they go a step further in terms of adding personality to your outfit. And the only guideline is to keep it subtle, whether it’s a graphic design, a brand, or wise words. Gone are the days of overzealous branding from the early 2000s; these days, printed tees are meant to complement rather than dominate a man’s entire appearance. In most cases, jeans look great with patterned tees. Meanwhile, they might be contrasting or similar in colour (grey on blue or white on blue etc.).

The Striped Tees Look

Are the striped tees the same as printed tees? Yes, indeed. But, their geometric shape places them in a different category that is worth discussing. Striped tees, often known as Breton tees, have long been favoured among the world’s more fashionable men. Moreover, striped tees must always be worn with solid-coloured bottoms because of their pattern. That is plain pants, black denim, blue denim, non-patterned chinos, or black denim. The reason for this is the lines, as you never want your look to have clashing lines. For instance, imagine someone wearing a striped tee and striped jeans; they will appear to be a con from prison. Vertical stripes are another feature worth highlighting.

Styling the Henley

The henley shirt is a traditional mainstay in the vintage motoring scene, worn by men like Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and others. The t-shirt is elevated into the macho territory by the notched neckline with buttons. On the other hand, henley tees are best worn plain and without prints/designs.

The trick here is colour blocking, with jeans serving as the major accomplice. Red, white, black, brown, and just about any other colour in the henley range will look great with your blue or grey denim. But, just remember to wear leather shoes or boots and don’t go too bright.

So, these are the styling techniques by which you can make the most out of your tees.

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