Fun St Patrick’s Day cocktails to try

Revellers around the world are expected to raise a glass in unison to St Patrick on 17th March. Pubs and bars plan for this event annually, with a night on par with New Year’s Eve expected by many.

St Patrick's Day cocktails

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It was estimated that almost $6 billion was spent across the USA on St Patrick’s day in 2019, with much of that splashed out on stouts such as Guinness. For those feeling a touch more festive, let’s take a look at some cocktails for St Paddy’s Day.

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1. Mini Guinness

Generally served as a shot, a mini Guinness is made by floating a small amount of Bailey’s Irish Cream on top of a measure of Tia Maria. The light colour of the Bailey’s on top of the Tia Maria mimics the colouring of a pint of Guinness.

2. Green Dublin Apple Cocktail

As the colour of the day is Green, a festively shaded Martini would rank among the great St Patricks Day gifts but why not substitute the vodka with a shot of whiskey, a touch of white cranberry juice and some green apple schnapps.

3. Guinness and Green Jelly Shot

Another riff on the favourite stout, this shot mixes jellied Guinness and whiskey, with an Irish Cream layer which mimics the foam. This fun drink will provide a great talking point for your friends.

4. Irish Cactus

A short drink which features an Irish favourite with a twist out of left-field, the Irish Cactus will definitely linger in the memory. Served over ice, the Irish Cactus mixes a base of Irish Cream such as Bailey’s with a twist of tequila to give the drink a unique kick.

If you’re looking for St Patricks Day gifts for someone special, many retailers stock specially themed items for the big day.

5. Irish Coffee

Perhaps not necessarily as festive or trendy as the other St Patrick’s Day cocktails on this list, an Irish Coffee is definitely a traditional favourite. Simply make a coffee, and add a generous measure of whiskey (definitely whiskey with an ‘e’, as a whisky is from Scotland). There are a multitude of variations of this, including Irish Cream and even Hot Chocolate.

However you enjoy the craic on St Patrick’s day, please remember to drink in moderation, there is no fun to be had feeling ill!

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