7 Things You Need to Know When Planning Your First SMS Marketing Campaign

See the basic information about sending marketing SMS.

  1. Industries to Apply Bulk SMS Marketing. From small and medium-sized businesses to municipal institutions build their customer communications based on SMS.
  2. Legal Side of Sending Bulk SMS. In each country, there is a set of laws that regulate the distribution of mass SMS.
  3. SMS Content. SMS text should not be too long; it should contain the most important information and be written in the local language.
  4. SMS Text Length. 1 SMS length is limited to 160 Latin based or 70 Non-Latin symbols.
  5. Phone Numbers. SMS marketing campaign is considered to be legal when it is done by the numbers of your business subscribers. Otherwise, it is spam and is illegal.
  6. System for SMS Sending. The best way is to use full-featured web platforms for setting up SMS campaigns. SMS-Smart is just an example of such SMS web services.
  7. Number Replacement. Sender ID replacement feature allows the business using its corporate phone number, name as a sender name.

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