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Homemade cereal kinder, the recipe with chocolate and brown sugar

Homemade cereal kinder, the recipe with chocolate and brown sugarThe ideal snack for every moment of the day: to eat at school during recreation, after sport or for afternoon snacks. Ideal for a summer snack. The children will ask for an encore. Here is the recipe of cereal kinder.


Rest assured: children will ask for an encore. But even the great ones, once they have tried it, can only thank you. The kinder cereals are one of the sweet, light and wholesome if done at home, easier and more convenient to prepare. With excellent results, if you follow this recipe. Cereal kinder is one of the best recipes.

KINDER RECIPE CEREALS MADE IN THE HOMEHomemade cereal kinder, the recipe with chocolate and brown sugar

Here are the ingredients needed to prepare cereal kinda delicious bar

-200 gr chocolate (milk or dark)
-100 gr white chocolate (if you avoid incorporating it and using dark chocolate, the recipe is suitable for lactose ——-intolerant and vegans)
-40 gr cane sugar
-60 gr. Puffed rice


-Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie.
-Let the puffed rice caramelize with brown sugar in a non-stick pan.
-Line a plumcake mold with baking paper and place the puffed rice inside first and then cover with the melted white chocolate.
-Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.
-Once the white chocolate has cooled completely pour the dark chocolate onto the puffed rice and white chocolate mixture.
-Allow to cool and cut the bars.

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