House buyers look to Spain for holiday homes again

The Spanish property market has always been attractive and lucrative for British people; however, as with anything that shifts in value, it has had its volatile moments.

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This is not just in terms of finance, as Spain has had its own domestic property issues. A period of problems, including the overdevelopment of the Costa Del Sol, local corruption and the flaunting of EU guidelines, meant that Spain’s coastline turned into a nightmare, polluting beaches and the sea.

Spanish market has a healthy glow

The property market has slowly returned and now retains a healthy glow. Anyone needing reassurance can just glance at the current happenings, with evidence of an appetite for top-quality new homes with facilities that contemporary buyers are accustomed to. International investments are also funding the property development market in Spain, with a focus on regenerating the Costa del Sol region.

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Retirees are especially choosy when it comes to selecting a suitable property and many tend to gravitate towards those in the vicinity of golf courses or one of the many beaches. These are the homes that tend to be the most sought-after.

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Spain has homes that are bargains for the future

According to the Telegraph, prices are on the up. Rental prices are also growing, with cities such as Barcelona, Palma and Madrid reaching record-high rental prices.

Spain has so many homes that are excellent bargains for the future, especially in the current climate when some homebuyers may be anxious about purchasing in the region before a Brexit deal is sealed.

While this is a legitimate source of worry for many, there are a sizeable number of countries around the world that welcome retired people who can show they have sufficient funds. It is unlikely that Spain will become an exception.

Fluctuations in the pound against the euro could be a concern for prospective property buyers, as homes in Spain will become more expensive; however, Spain remains a favourite destination. The pound might have dived, but nothing can take away the rich, luxurious lifestyle and favourable, summery climate the country offers.


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