I’ve got a garage and I’m going to use it.

However, I may not use if for what you’re thinking namely put the family car in it. In fact, there are a large percentage of people in this country who do not use their garage for the purposes of car storage. What you really do need is a decent Tring Garage Door Installation and before I give you some ideas for what you can do with your garage it might be an idea to have a quick look at the website of garagedoorsrus.co.uk/garage-door-installation-tring to get some ideas as to what they do. After that then you can think about these possible conversions.

The garage is an untapped living space or at least it could be. If you have a detached Garage then it’s going to have to be a separate use kind of affair but if it’s connected and attached then you have the chance to really integrate that into the home and treat it as a whole new room.  It also means that you do not have to have all that tedious mucking about with getting and extension and planning permission. If you’re planning a radical change you might have to do that in the case of a detached one. The garage will need to be internal lined and cladded otherwise it is going to get a little bit chill plus there is the chance of damp. Ok, let’s get some ideas;

  1. Playroom and extra bedroom. Not got enough space for the expanding wardrobe of the teenager/s in your life or your worried that the growing toy empire of your pre-teen child is going to over flow the house? Her is you answer. Yes you’ll have to sort out making the garage habitable but this is a great idea and could save you lots.
  2. Home Gym. No real need to line the place this time as you can build a pretty good home gym in the garage that will save you that month gym costs.

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  1. Art studio and creative space. While you might have to invest in some extra lighting with a studio you can splash the paint about and chuck the clay on the potter’s wheel without having to worry about making a mess of the house interior.

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  1. Home Cinema. This is a very ambitious project as you need to clad again. But just think, get some decent speakers in there and a screen, you can sometimes pick up cheap cinema seats from antique dealers or when a site is due for demolition. Why not recreate the golden days of cinema with Art Deco and gold leaf?

Well that’s hopefully whetted your appetite and got the creative juices flowing. Get planning.

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