How do you create SEO content for AI?

For any new technology to succeed, it has to offer people a higher level of convenience in their everyday lives. The car supplanted the horse because it needed less effort and offered greater range. The electric lightbulb replaced candles and gas mantles because of its flick-switch convenience.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen huge amounts of money poured into its development, but ultimately its success will be down to how it affects consumers. As more and more devices have AI built in, so more people will become familiar with it and its benefits.

AI is already on most smartphones in the form of Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, and it is starting to creep into our homes and our cars.

AI and search engines

Most companies want their websites to feature high in the rankings of search engines and therefore employ some kind of SEO. As a London professional SEO services company such as www.elevateuk.com/ will tell you, one of the most effective ways of boosting your search results is through good content, but what effect will AI have on this area?

The search engines themselves are already employing AI. Google’s algorithms use a form of AI to determine the purpose of a query and help to deliver relevant results. Building a page around keywords that the AI can easily recognise is therefore more essential than ever.

Fine-tuning content

If AI can determine the purpose of a search, it becomes more important than ever that your SEO content is relevant and that it contains useful information that will encourage visitors to stay on your website. This is because the AI is looking not just at how relevant the content is but also at how long people spend reading the page.

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It is also important to ensure that your content is mobile-friendly. The majority of searches are now carried out on mobile devices and – of course – the AI knows what kind of device is being used. If it sees mobile visitors spending less time on your page, it will penalise your results accordingly.

Some will fear that AI could actually be used to create content and put the SEO writers out of business. This is something that is probably still a long way off – says the content writer optimistically – but you can’t afford to ignore its potential.

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