How to Store Your Garage Tyres

With summer well and truly behind us, you may be starting to think about getting ready for all that winter brings. This may include swapping over your car tyres for winter ones. But did you know that how you store unused tyres can have a big impact on their condition?

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They’re not designed to be stored for long periods of time, so if you don’t store them correctly now, the chances are they well may be damaged by the time you go to use them again when the seasons change. And having to buy a new set of tyres simply because they weren’t put away properly is enough to take the spring out of anybody’s step.

Here we take a quick look at the dos and don’ts of tyre storage.

Storage of Dismounted Tyres

All tyres should be stored away from direct sunlight to avoid the rubber being corroded and at a low temperature. It is also important that they are kept in a room where there is a good circulation of air and extreme changes of temperature can be avoided.

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Don’t hang unmounted tyres or stack them on top on one another in piles. This can lead to them becoming deformed. Instead, ensure the tyre is kept upright. Not only will this make it much easier for you to mount them on wheels when you need them again, but it will also minimise the risk of damage.

Purpose-built racks are available to ensure the safe storage of tyres, such as those offered by industrial shelving Ireland from https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving.

Once you have your tyres safely racked, remember to rotate them regularly to prevent one side from caving in.

Storage of Mounted Tyres

If you have spare wheels and are able to store your tyres as complete units, it is much easier to store them without the risk of damage. When fully mounted, tyres can be safely stored piled on their side or even hung against a wall.

When you’re ready to use your tyres again, remember to check that they have the correct tread depth and pressure for your vehicle. Further information can be found on the tyre safe website – https://www.tyresafe.org/tyre-safety/tread-depth/

Taking care of your tyres now gives them the best chance of doing the same for you when they’re back on the road.


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