How to avoid stress and burnout in your business

Entrepreneurs are known for having the stomach to take huge risks all in the pursuit of their dreams. Alongside the tremendous amounts of stress, entrepreneurs regularly have to work absurdly long hours whilst at the same time having to make plans for the future of their business.

Combine all of this together with the lack of sleep, isolation and loneliness and money woes and you’ll have a real powder keg ready to blow. As we’ve mentioned before, burnout is a very real problem for people from all walks of life, but entrepreneurs are particularly susceptible to it.

So susceptible in fact that startup burnout has in some ways become an accepted part of an entrepreneur’s life. The fact of the matter is that burnout is extremely detrimental to an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Burnout is described as a condition in which an individual becomes physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted as a result of being exposed to extreme levels of stress for an extended period of time.

Suffering from burnout significantly affects an individual’s productivity and can make getting any form of work done impossible. In the long-term, it can lead to hypertension, heart disease and even depression.

In a corporate environment, you can quit your job or just take some time off to rest and recover. As an entrepreneur however, there’s no escaping burnout as surrender would mean the collapse of what is likely to be a lifelong dream for many.

Hence this is why it’s extremely important for entrepreneurs to learn how they can recognize the signs of burnout and how to deal with it effectively.

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  1. Exercise regularly

Clearly, not many of us are fans of exercise. After all what’s the point forcing your aching body through a series of pointless exercises just to break a sweat?

Well for starters, research has shown that exercise in all of its forms i.e. cardiovascular and resistance was able to significantly reduce stress levels of participants whilst at the same time improving their sense of general well-being.

From here, scientists were able to deduce that exercise could quite possibly be an effective treatment for burnout. While many entrepreneurs struggle to find the time for regular and vigorous exercise, just 30 minutes every day can make a huge difference in your state.

  1. Network with experts 

From constantly questioning yourself to worrying about where the competition stands in relation to you, starting out on your own can be pretty overwhelming at first especially if you’re working on your own.

As a budding business owner, the way forward can sometimes be blurred as you find yourself getting bogged down by the day-to-day operation of your business. This is why many successful entrepreneurs make it a habit to seek out the advice of mentors or business coaches.

Just like if you go browse for NBA bets you check the expert picks first, you should also seek advice from experts in your professional life.

Mentors and business coaches tend to have a clearer view of what needs to be done and their invaluable experience will help keep you on track.

  1. Make time to rest and recover

It’s perfectly understandable to give your business 110% all the time, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 24 hours a day. After all, you’ve put money into the enterprise, and you’d want to get it off the ground.

Unless you’ve somehow got a superhuman constitution, such a schedule will leave you physically and mentally broken. This is why it’s important that you make time for your mind and body to recover.

Whether it’s having a beer with friends and family or just staying home watching Netflix, you need to know that it’s perfectly fine having a day off. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming that switching off is tantamount to high treason. Consequently, they never switch off which ends up burning them out and unable to continue.

Getting your business off the ground can be a real challenge even under the best of circumstances. However, your wellbeing should never be taken for granted which is why it’s vital to take care of oneself.

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