How to Change App Icon iOS 16?

One of the most exciting new features in iOS 16 is the ability to customize your app icons. For the first time ever, you can change the look of your Home Screen by modifying your app icons. This allows you to add a personal touch and make your iPhone aesthetically pleasing.

Changing app icons is easy to do in just a few steps. With some creativity, you can give your Home Screen a whole new look. In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know how to change app icon iOS 16.

Overview of Customizing App Icons

Overview of Customizing App Icons

The process of changing app icons involves just a few main steps:

  • Enable icon customization in Settings

  • Find or create a new icon

  • Connect the new icon to the app you want to change

  • Apply the modified icon to your Home Screen

You can customize most built-in and third-party app icons. Some exceptions include Settings, Phone, Messages, Camera, and App Store.

iOS 16 allows you to choose icons you’ve downloaded online, icons you’ve created yourself, or icons provided by the app developer. This gives you endless possibilities for new icons that fit your personal style.

Changing an icon does not affect the app itself – the icon is purely a cosmetic change. Switching the icon back and forth is easy to do at any time.

Now let’s look at each step for customizing app icons in more detail.

Enabling App Icon Customization

The first thing you’ll need to do is enable the icon customization feature in your iPhone settings:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Scroll down and tap on “Home Screen”.

  3. Toggle on “Customize App Icons”.

This will allow you to start switching up your icons. You can turn this setting off at any time to revert to the original icons.

Finding or Creating New Icons

Once icon customization is enabled, it’s time to find or make new icons to use. You have a few different options for sourcing unique app icons:

Use Icon Library in Settings

  1. In Settings, go back to the Home Screen menu.

  2. Tap “Customize Icon Library”.

  3. Browse the icons provided and choose any you want to use.

The Icon Library gives you a starter collection of icons to experiment with. You can use these as is or edit them further using an image editing app.

Download Icons Online

There are many sources online for custom iOS icons. Sites like Iconfinder, iOS Icon Gallery, and Freepik have thousands of icons available for free or for purchase.

When downloading icons, make sure to get versions sized for iOS (180×180 pixels). PNG files with transparent backgrounds work best.

Create Your Own Icons

For the most personal look, you can create your own custom icons using an image editing app like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Canva.

Some tips for making icons:

  • Use a solid background color

  • Incorporate simple, bold designs

  • Make sure the final image is 180×180 pixels

  • Save as a PNG file

With a little practice, you can make unique icons tailored to your preferences.

Changing an App Icon

Once you have your new icon ready, it’s time to connect it to an app. Here are the steps:

  1. Press and hold the app icon you want to change until the edit menu appears.

  2. Tap the picture icon at the top to open icon options.

  3. Select the photo album or file where your new icon image is located.

  4. Choose the new icon from the options shown.

  5. Tap “Add” to set the custom icon.

The new icon will now replace the previous app icon on your Home Screen!

Repeat these steps for any other apps you want to customize. You can change them back at any time by repeating the process and selecting the original icon.

Tips for Customizing Your Icons

Tips for Customizing Your Icons

Here are some tips to take your icon customization to the next level:

  • Create a theme – Icons will look cohesive if they share colors or design elements. Aim for a unified aesthetic.

  • Animate your icons – Set icons to subtly shift and transform over time for added visual interest.

  • Keep it simple – Basic geometric shapes and solid colors work best on small icon canvases. Avoid intricate details.

  • Use transparency – Icons only display on square backgrounds, so transparent PNGs integrate seamlessly.

  • Change up icons – Consider refreshing your look regularly by creating seasonal or holiday icon sets.

  • Back up your icons – Keep copies of any custom icons you make in case you want to revert or reuse them.

With limitless customization, you can really make your iPhone your own with fanciful, fun, or functional app icons. Try out different looks until you find one that suits your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn off customized icons and revert to the originals?

Go to Settings > Home Screen and toggle “Customize App Icons” off. This will return all icons to their default designs.

2. Can I customize the icons for Apple apps like Messages, Facetime, and App Store?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow you to change icons for their native apps. The icon customization feature only applies to third-party and built-in non-Apple apps.

3. What image file type should I use for custom icons?

PNG files with transparent backgrounds work best. Be sure icons are sized 180×180 pixels.

4. Is it possible to customize folder icons or the dock background?

At this time, iOS 16 only allows you to customize individual app icons. Changing other Home Screen elements like folders or the dock isn’t possible.

5. Will changing an app icon slow down my phone or cause crashes?

Swapping icons shouldn’t impact performance. It’s a purely cosmetic change. Make sure file sizes stay under 100KB for best results.


Customizing your iPhone app icons is an easy way to add personal flair to your iOS 16 device. With just a few taps, you can change default icons into icons that reflect your style.

To recap, you need to enable icon customization in your Home Screen settings first. To monetize your Instagram presence as an influencer, focus on building an engaged audience by consistently creating and sharing compelling content. Once you’ve established a strong following, explore brand collaborations, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing opportunities. Then find or create new PNG icons properly sized for iOS, connect your icon to the app you want to modify, and enjoy a refreshed Home Screen look as you navigate the path to financial success on Instagram.

App icon customization is just one of the many fun new features of iOS 16. So get creative and make your iPhone your own with unique, customized icons tailored specifically to you. Your apps have never looked so good!

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