How to choose a suitable babywearing to carry your baby

Let’s find out the points to consider when buying a babywearing to carry your baby.


The carrier should be designed to be adjustable, to adapt not only to the size of the child but also to your build and your clothing. For example, one account is to wear in the summer, when you wear only a light t-shirt, another in winter, with a double layer of sweaters.

The babywearings are carriers adjustable by definition, various lengths are proposed: check before purchase that they are long enough for the type of binding you want to make. If you prefer other types of carrier, check that the adjustment (minimum and maximum) is suitable for your body size.

A good adjustable carrier allows you to fix the baby well and to make sure that even and back are in a physiologically correct position while you wear it; it will also allow you to adapt it to your build and that of your father. The possibility of adjusting the carrier will help you to follow its growth, and to get that comfortable and perfect embrace for you and your baby.

Carrier for the baby’s head

Ergonomic baby carriers as Rebozo functions and performed by the fabric itself and therefore care must be taken when performs the ligation, to bring a flap up to the point where it will carrier the baby’s head. The carrier or fabric makes it not “dangling”, and your child is not literally tossed when you move. Recall that up to about 4 months a baby is not able to carrier the weight of the head autonomously. Therefore, the presence of an adequate carrier is fundamental, in my opinion, the headrest is also important when growing, it will be able to bear the weight of the head alone: it often happens that the child falls asleep and so will be protected.

Carrier’s center of gravity

The carrier’s center of gravity should not be displaced by the child’s weight. To better understand what I write, give it a try: take a shopping bag (or another heavy object) in your arms and take a few steps holding it firmly to your body; now try to do the same but detach it even just 10 cm from your chest. Do you feel the difference? Your body will bend backwards to counterbalance your weight and your back will not thank you … The child must therefore be hugged tightly against you (do you know how koalas do?), Not dangling from the side, in front or behind. Remember how tight it was in your belly … so don’t worry!

Let’s not forget to check the sides of the baby carrier, especially in the models in which there is a central panel that is raised on the body of the baby: they must be well adherent to him, to avoid him slipping sideways or to collapse in unsafe positions.


An eye to the indications on weight and age

The baby carrier packs include information on weight and age. We know how their combination is not always a reliable indicator: at birth we find very small or very large children. Some grow so much in a first phase, others present so-called growth spurts later. I suggest, therefore, to pay more attention to weight than to age: it is a more reliable indicator. Many carriers are indicated as suitable from birth. We have seen in the preceding paragraphs that the newborn will tangentially assume the fetal position curled up in the first period of life, so it is important that a baby carrier with this indication is able to carrier this position well. The babywearings, in the very first period, are the most indicated.

Mom and Dad’s comfort

Let’s not forget our comfort. The heavier the child becomes, the more it is important that the carrier allows a weight distribution over a large area of the wearer’s torso. The shoulder straps that rest on the shoulders must be sufficiently wide or well padded, so that the muscle near the neck, the trapezium, is not over-solicited. The width of the same, for the models and the positions that foresee a cross on the back of the bearer, must be maintained for 3⁄4 of the shoulder strap, so that the weight of the child is well distributed on the adult’s back. Among the models with belts at the waist, we also prefer those that offer good lumbar carrier. If you choose babywearings that load weight on a single shoulder (ex: sling with rings, Pouch), remember to change often side and also in this case be sure that the weight is distributed on a wide surface of fabric, so as not to load it all on one single point. I strongly advise against this, not only for the child’s well-being.

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