How to clean your bong or water pipe step by step

If there is something that bothers every owner of a bong, it is having to clean it. Due to the combustion that occurs every time we smoke, in our bong or pipe there are many particles, ash and dirt. This causes that our bong acquires a characteristic smell, that the flavor at the time of using it is not the best possible. Therefore, it is very important to clean our accessories frequently. This will allow not only to enjoy a much better flavor, but also to extend the useful life of our bong or pipe and get it to always look like the first day.

Step 1: Put the Bong to soak

This is in case you have not cleaned your bong for a long time. Try using fairly hot water (but not boiling) in a pot. Place the bong inside and let it soak for about an hour. It may seem silly, but soaking will help all the resin and dirt inside it soften, allowing it to be much easier to remove later. This step will facilitate its cleaning.

Step 2: Prepare the liquid

In case you have a special liquid to clean bongs, it is recommended that you throw a certain amount into a glass and add a good handful of salt. It does not matter what kind of salt it is. Why? This will help to undo the resin that has formed inside your bong, getting a much deeper cleaning. In addition, it will also help to rub or scratch the bong inside. In this way, the interior part that is so difficult to access without the special brushes will be cleaned. In any case, do not go over the amount of salt, or it will not dissolve enough. If there is too much, the salt could scratch of glass bongs, something we do not want.

Step 3: Shake and brush

Introduce the liquid inside your bong or pipe. The same way you do when you fill it with water to smoke. Keep in mind that resin and dirt will not be removed just by adding the liquid. Therefore, it is best to cover the outputs of the bong with your fingers, and begin to shake insistently. Stay shaking for a couple of minutes. This will give the liquid enough time to act and remove bacteria and dirt from your bong.

Once you have done this, you can brush your bong to remove all the dirt from its interior in a deeper way. Use the brushes that we have recommended or any brush you have at home. An old toothbrush would be perfect. It is difficult, but try to access all the holes in your bong through the mouthpiece. Be careful if your bong is crystal or delicate, since you could damage a piece.

If after brushing all the dirt has not been removed, rinse your bong with the special liquid again and shake for a few minutes. Once the process is finished, rinse the bong with plenty of water. This will remove any remaining liquid.

Step 4: Clean the bowl

It is the piece in which you put the marijuana to smoke it. It will probably be full of dried ash, dirt, resin and maybe even something burned. To clean it you can help with the cleaning product. Rinse the piece with it and brush it thoroughly as you have done with the bong. If that’s still not enough, use a lighter to heat it as much as you can, as you can see in the image. This will help to soften the resin and dirt (something similar to when you heat hash). When it is hot, use a pair of tweezers or any other small object to scratch the dirt and remove it. This is the part of your bong that is harder to clean. Unlike the others, it is recommended to clean it every time you use it, as it takes a few seconds and will help you to keep it in the best possible condition.

Step 5: Dirty it again

Once the bong is completely washed and cleaned, you simply have to let it dry. When it’s ready, it’s time to mess it up again. Enjoy your shiny bong like the first day, without annoying and unpleasant odors, with a perfect appearance and, most importantly, with a unique flavor: that of your marijuana.

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