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How to have good style on a budget

I understand if there are times that you simply do not want to fix yourself, but one thing is that and another very different that you have bad taste when dressing. I’m not telling you that to look good you have to buy all the fashionable clothes of all seasons. On the contrary, today we will give you 10 keys to always have good taste in dressing without having to spend your fortnight. Follow these tips and dazzle everyone with good style every time you leave home.

Although for many it may seem banal, the style speaks of us and reflects in many aspects our personality or the care we give our appearance. Clothing is a way to show who we are, so it is important to pay attention to what we wear, regardless of the type of clothing we like to wear. Here, we give you some simple keys so you can discover how to dress with good style every day. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

How to have good style on a budget

The word style has many definitions, but when applied to fashion it is used to refer to someone who manages to convey their personality and tastes in the way they dress, choosing clothes that favor them and that make their preferences clear. People with style usually have good taste, not only about clothes but also in other elements such as decoration.

Regarding clothes, everyone has their tastes, but certain keys define any person with style concerning the choice of the type of pieces he uses. The first one is: always choose prints that feel good to our body.

This type of garments tend to expand the figure a lot, so even if they are super trendy. It is important to ask if we feel good. People with style are not victims of fashion; on the contrary, they mark fashion in their environment.

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To dress in good style, you have to darestyle

Always look one color, with equal sets of the same tone and without risking combining colors, denotes simplicity and monotony when dressing. A stylish person has fun combining the pieces of his wardrobe.

Certain pieces should be eradicated from the wardrobe if you look for style when dressing:

  • Those that make our body not look good, increasing our proportions.
  • The pants that are transparent showing our underwear (especially white).
  • The clothes that we have left so far that it makes that each sheet of skin is marked.
  • The high-heeled shoes that you can not walk with are tall.
  • Broken, old garments, full of fluff or very worn.

Those pieces of clothing that show too much without leaving anything to the imagination. It is best to opt for sensuality with elegance.

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Stylish women always have a wardrobe composed of essential garments. Those that should not be missing and that can save you on any occasion:

  • A black dress
  • A black skirt
  • At least some dress pants
  • Some quality jeans or jeans to wear a casual look or use at night. They should not be broken or discolored, better opt for a classic garment
  • A white dress shirt or in light colors (ivory)
  • A black dress shirt
  • A good jersey made of quality material and a good jacket, preferably black, brown or camel (can be an American or a leather)
  • A portfolio that suits several styles and sets, easy to combine and to alternate between day and night
    Good heels for any unexpected departure

To dress with style is essential to look at the type of clothing we buy and quality, which does not necessarily have to do with the price but with the materials. For example, dresses made of polyester or acrylic materials, besides being somewhat hot, eventually lose shape and stop sitting well on the body. They are also fabrics that deteriorate very quickly with washing. The best thing is always to opt for garments made with natural materials: cotton, silk, leather, wool, etc.

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If you want good jeans, look at their fabric, body, and structure. Although now they are very fashionable those that look like leggings or tight jeans to the body made with thin fabrics, these usually last very little time.

For a stylish wardrobe, remember that there are pieces in which it is worth investing a little more money: an evening dress, a winter coat, boots, day shoes, and a good bag.

With these suggestions, you will find the keys to give more style to your wardrobe and look great.

Shows skin strategicallystyle

Looking sexy and elegant implies knowing what to teach and what to keep secret. Otherwise, where is the mystery? Choose the only part of your body and show it. If it is cleavage, do not show your legs. If they are your legs, keep the upper part of your body covered.

Never buy jeans that fit you big. If in doubt, opt for a smaller size of jeans. They always stretch, and nothing is less flattering than baggy jeans of the knees or booty. When you do not know what shoes to wear, opt for nude colored heels.  That combined with your beautiful skin tone is a pretty sure bet, and make the legs look longer.

Striped garments are perfect for a tasteful look. Striped garments are an elegant and classic way to look perfect during the weekend. A round neckline and stripes in red, navy blue and white will give you a lot of presence and versatility.

Forget your fear of color

To play it safe, combine a neutral color, like linen, with something bolder, like yellow. But think twice before combining intense tones with black, as it may seem outdated. For something more eye-catching, try two colors that are side by side on the color wheel, such as coral and orange.

Free your hands at night. As much as you love your huge bags, leave them at home if you have an evening event. An elegant bag with a chain gives a fresh touch to the night clothes. Use the chain diagonally on your body to have a much better style and look impeccable.

Look for much happier coats and jackets that add style to your outfit. Outerwear should never be boring, especially because of how expensive they are. In cold weather, many people will only see you wearing a coat or jacket. So, bring colors or details such as prints or pearls that transform your look from boring to fabulous.

Add “layers” on your necklaces. The “more is more” approach still applies today. You can make multiples of the same material, or better yet, go by contrast: try a piece with sharp chains, feathers with beads or pearls with diamonds.


Consider taking good care of your clothes and buying washable garments. Before buying, try to measure how much your garment will hold after some washing. And do not pay for clothes that you cannot take to the cleaners. If you know that you will never wash that ornate sweater or elegant bra by hand, get away.

Sometimes, people may anticipate dramatic and immediate results and may oversee elusive changes they may be undergoing. A few individuals may observe more than one of these changes, and a few individuals may experience some other changes that are not mentioned above.

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