How to deal with a broken or shattered window

A broken window can be inconvenient, messy and even dangerous; however, accidents happen and it makes sense to know how to deal with a shattered window.

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Assess the mess

Is the window completely smashed or simply shattered but still stable in its frame? You may need to secure the window or clean up the mess. Look for glass shards everywhere in the immediate vicinity – nobody wants to find a piece when they sit on a cushion.

Stay safe

Next, you will need to make everyone in the house aware that there is broken glass around. Ditch the slippers for boots or shoes and wear tough gardening gloves to deal with any large pieces of glass. You can even cordon off the area to minimise the risk of injury.

Call an emergency glazier

For security reasons, you will need your window repairing as quickly as possible. Call emergency glaziers in Leicester or wherever you live and explain the situation. You should always get a series of quotes or ask friends or family who have had similar problems to recommend someone. Discuss a time frame in which they will come out to repair the damage.

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Secure the area

If your emergency glaziers in Leicester won’t be able to repair the window immediately, you will need to secure it yourself. The best way to protect your property against the elements is to cover the window with a large piece of plywood.

If you don’t have a piece of wood handy, a heavy-duty tarpaulin will do the job. If neither are available, tape up the pieces of glass using duct tape or gaffer tape to make them as secure as possible.

If you are using a solid covering, it is wise to remove any remaining shards of glass. Make sure you wear heavy-duty gloves and either remove each piece carefully by hand or use a pair of pliers to do the job.

A thorough clean-up

Now you need to clean the area thoroughly. Start by double-bagging large pieces of glass and putting them somewhere safe and out of the reach of children. Carefully and slowly sweep and vacuum hardwood floors to avoid scratching and brush carpet fibres to loosen any small shards. Use a piece of tape to pick up glass fragments and finish with a thorough vacuum.

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