6 More Outdoor Games to Play with Children

Now your children are in the full swing of summer and outdoor play, you may be eager to keep them interested in the great outdoors. Staying active and getting some fresh air will improve their health and their mood – and probably yours too!

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Larger pieces of equipment, such as trampolines and childrens wooden climbing frames, can be a good investment and grow with your children.

The NHS recommends children aged five to 18 years of age have a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Having permanent play equipment in the garden will encourage children to take advantage of a sunny day and go outside.

Children can be encouraged to be more active by making the garden more appealing to them. If you have a playhouse, children can continue to enjoy the garden even when the weather disappoints. Contact a company, such as https://www.niclimbingframes.com/, to get ideas for playhouses and other garden structures.

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For more impromptu fun, here are more great ideas for outdoor fun.

Bean Bag Hula Challenge

Place at least two hula hoops on the grass. A player stands in each hula hoop armed with bean bags. Players then attempt to throw bean bags into an opponent’s hoop while defending their own hoop from incoming enemy bean bags.

Sand Play

Children can spend hours playing at the beach, and that fun can be recreated at home with a bag of sand and an unwanted box.

Garden Pick-up Sticks

Much the same as the traditional game of pick-up sticks but bigger. Take some large sticks, ideally bamboo sticks, and paint them different colours. Players then take turns to remove a stick while trying not to disturb the other sticks.

Hula Chain Challenge

A hula hoop is placed on a player’s arm before the team holds hands to form a circle. The team must move the hula hoop fully around the circle without breaking the link.

Pinata Water Fun

Fill balloons with water and hang them outside, as you would a regular pinata. Then choose how to burst them, as either a forfeit, a timed challenge or another great idea!

Floaty Soapy Boat Races

Take some bars of soap and get imaginative with materials to turn them into boats, which can be raced with each other in water.

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