How to Install an Indoor Aerial

How to Install an Indoor Aerial

Sometimes an outdoor or rooftop television aerial isn’t an option, whether that is due to the area or building that you live in or the available space that you have.

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The Best Aerial

Some aerials will include features specifically required for certain use. For example, you may need an aerial with an amplifier in order to boost the signal (yet they can often cause some interference with the picture itself). When you do buy your indoor aerial, make sure you read the features on the box, and double-check with the sales assistant that you are able to return the aerial just in case it does not work for your specific requirements.

https://www.oneforall.co.uk/what-is-the-best-digital-aerial can help you decide on the best aerial by your postcode.

Setting Up

The aerial cable firstly needs plugged into the back of your television set. Most aerials need you to position it in a certain direction in order to pick up the best available signal. We would suggest checking the rooftop aerials around your area in order to figure out which direction is best.

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Once you have the aerial in position, you can then begin to tune in your television to the locally available digital channels. This could result in some time spent going through the motions of scanning for the correct channels, but it is also a good idea to plug the television into another working aerial in your house, already connected to the channels, and tune it in that way. If you do not have another connection in your home, maybe a neighbour could help with their connection. And if you are still struggling, a Bristol TV aerial repair specialist can help – aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk/installation-and-repair-services/tv-aerial-installation-bristol.

Finding the Best Position

Turn on your television and choose a channel – perhaps one of the standard first four channels (BBC One to Channel 4). You will require ‘male’ and ‘female’ leads (ask in a hardware store if you are unsure of which is which). Hold your aerial and try moving it very slowly around the television set to find the best picture reception. You might try setting the aerial down on a surface such as a shelf or near a window to try to boost your chances of getting the best reception. This could also be tidier if you want to tuck the aerial out of view.

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