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How to soundproof a door, 6 things you can do

One of the main sound problems in the rooms comes through the doors. I know it may surprise you, but doors can let in a lot of sounds. Today, the doors are mostly hollow on the inside, making it easy for noise to come in and out.

Luckily, there are different ways to fix or improve this and start to notice a difference in the sound in the room. With somewhat more expensive solutions, and others cheaper and more homemade, we are going to see what can be done to have a soundproof door.

1. Door gaskets and weatherstripping tapeHow to soundproof a door

One of the ways to stop the sound of the doors is to cover the holes that they leave so that neither the sound nor the wind enters. A very affordable solution is to use a weatherstrip with an airtight seal, to compress and block out noise. Another possible solution is to use duct tape which is very inexpensive and easy to apply.

If you want something more professional, you can use door seals, which may cost more, but make more compression and avoid more noise. It has the same effect as the adhesive tape, but with more force, and therefore less noise input.

2. Install a door sweepHow to soundproof a door

One very effective way is to use a door sweep, which takes care of the cracks at the bottom of the door. From the door to the ground, you can avoid a lot of sound going through there. While cheaper door sweeps do the job, more advanced sweeps with some technology can be more useful. They are automatic sweeps that go down when the door is closed and avoid having the sweep always down there with the door even open.

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3. Use a soundproof blanket for the doorHow to soundproof a door

A soundproof blanket can be a solution for hollow doors. The only problem they have is aesthetic. Although this also has some solutions. The soundproof blankets are thick and absorb sound with their fiberglass.

Use the blanket for rooms that you want to isolate its sound, but do not care about aesthetics, as the room that has the washing machine or other machines that sometimes its noise is annoying.

One way to avoid any aesthetic problem is to hang hooks above the door so that you can pick up the blanket at any time. So you can use it when you want to listen to the outside, and when you want it not to be heard so much. So you can avoid that the blanket is always visible with a few simple cushions on the door.

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4. Acoustic foam panels

Although not the most aesthetic way to decorate your room, the panels can do a similar function as the soundproof blanket for a more affordable price. To do this, you can use command strips to glue the foam panels without fear of damaging the door with the way it is glued.

If you don’t want to put many panels, you can try a single acoustic panel on the back of the door, so it will not cover the entire door and will continue to do its job of stopping some of the sounds.

5. The other side of the door

We have focused a lot on how to stop the sound with the door, but this time we go a little further. The sound often comes from outside the door, which means that, if we can reduce it before it passes through it, we can greatly reduce it.

The problem many times is that the house has many spaces where the sound bounces until it reaches the room. Some possible solutions to stop the sound a bit before it enters the door is a carpet at the entrance. This can muffle some of the sounds and prevent them from entering. Other possible solutions are to put shelves or furniture on the sides so that the sound does not bounce so much and enters directly into the room.

Try to make the carpet somewhat thick so you can tell a difference and see some sound. If you can reduce the noise that comes from outside, you will not have to worry so much about the noise that may enter.

6. Curtains and doorHow to soundproof a door

One way to soundproof the sound coming through the door is with curtains. Yes, we know that the curtains are for the window, but they can also be put on the door.

With a simple curtain rod, you can place soundproof curtains on your door and thus avoid noise. The curtains cover the entire door and prevent the entrance of sound that is usually from the sides. You can always move the curtains to the sides or up during the day or when you don’t want to get away so much. This is a solution that, if combined well, does not damage the aesthetics of the room as it could be otherwise.

Another option is to buy a new door, which is not hollow so that you do not have to perform any of the previous steps. This yes, prepares between 100-500 euros for the new door. Keep in mind that these types of doors are usually heavier, so you will have to get used to their weight to open and close.

If you don’t want to spend so much money, you can always put a piece of wood or drywall, although you have to know a little to be able to do it correctly. Although it will not be very pretty.


Doors can let in a lot of sound from different parts. So you can use any of these 6 ways to reduce some of the sounds you see coming through it. Some of them will even reduce the wind that you can feel through the door.

The main entrances are the hollow doors, through which sound and air pass through. It can be reduced by covering these entrances with tape or other door accessories. Another factor that affects a lot is the door opening, which allows more sound to enter through it. This can be reduced with a new door or some cheaper and less aesthetic home shapes.

Lastly, reducing the noise that comes before the door can be a way to reduce your entrance as well. If you don’t get as much noise at the door, you won’t be able to get in, so considering taking the doorway into account may solve some of the sounds.

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