Relaxing bedroom to sleep more and better

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Have you ever wondered why it is hard for you to sleep? Stress, poor diet, worries, copious dinners and technology are some factors that make it difficult to sleep more and better. But are not the only ones, as you will also need a relaxing bedroom to sleep more and better.

The decoration, the bedding, the mattress and even the temperature of the bedroom are other culprits of our sleep deficit. We help you decorate a relaxing bedroom to sleep more and better.

Relaxing bedroom

Colors that favor rest

Colors are more important than we think, because they influence our mood and also in our body. Thus, while light tones favor rest, striking colors activate our organism and stimulate creativity and optimism.

Therefore, to decorate a relaxing bedroom in which to sleep more and better we should choose soft and luminous colors. Neutrals are a great choice and are perfect to use as a basis for bedroom decoration. For example, white and gray. The earth tones are also a success because, in addition to warmth and relaxation, they connect us with nature.

If you have the feeling that your bedroom is too neutral and relaxing, to the point of being boring, you can add touches of color or patterns that introduce textures, in charge of the small accessories. Cushions, plaids, carpets, paintings, plants, curtains, etc.

Relaxing bedroom

The power of fabrics: Natural and Synthetic

The natural fibers are very soft, although they usually produce allergies. For example, the duvet covers of goose, duck, etc. This is the advantage of using synthetic fabrics, since they are hypoallergenic.

For bedding, such as sheets and pillowcases, a highly recommended fabric is cotton. A natural hypoallergenic fiber, soft touch, breathable, durable, resistant and easy to clean.

Relaxing bedroom

The mattress and the pillow

The mattress is one of the main culprits of our insomnia. It’s not just about choosing a quality mattress, it’s about making sure it fits our needs. Of springs, of viscoelastic, etc. The possibilities are many and very different.

For example, if you sleep on your side you need a mattress with medium firmness that suits your body and your movements. While if you sleep on your back you need a firm and hard mattress to protect your back. So before choosing a mattress, ask in your store and consult the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each mattress specifies for what kind of people it is suitable. And the same goes for the pillow.

Relaxing bedroom

The temperature and the air that you breathe

It is so basic that we often forget about them. Air and temperature influence the quality of our sleep. As for the air, it is important to purify the air in our bedroom. Therefore, we must ventilate the bedroom at least ten minutes each day. In summer, it is also good to ventilate before going to sleep to refresh the air in the bedroom.

With regard to temperature, the ideal is that in summer it does not exceed 21 degrees and 19 in winter.

Relaxing bedroom

Noble and untreated wood

The material of the furniture that surrounds us also influences us. Human beings are living organisms and, as such, we feel much better if we surround ourselves with natural materials such as noble wood, without treatments or varnishes of any kind.

Wood connects us with nature, adds warmth to the bedroom and conveys a sense of peace and well-being. As for the design of the furniture, the ideal is to opt for pieces of simple design, minimalist lines. It is also important to choose the right and necessary pieces, since the recharged bedrooms transmit a sense of chaos.

And you, what other decorative tips do you recommend for relaxing bedroom to sleep more and better?

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