Image reverse search-What is it and how it works?

Image reverse search involves finding the source of an image. That is, find where a photograph, illustration or vector came from. With this feature, we can do reverse searches to have the credits of the image and find what we are looking for.

When we use image reverse search we want to find the origin of an image. It is different from when we use visual search, where we intend to find related or similar images, as well as finding products that look like the one we are looking for. In this case what we want is to find the source of that image, where it was published, and where it comes from.

What is image reverse search for?Image reverse search

This type of search allows us to find all the information and the place of origin of any image that we have in our library or that we find on the internet. This can be very useful for detecting theft of images (for example for professional illustrators) or to know where a photo was published for the first time.

Next, we will tell you about the operation of this tool, available in search engines or apps that can be very useful to us on our smartphones.

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How does it work

Depending on which search engine, tool or app we use, the process will be different but it will have things in common. The basis of the reverse search is to enter an image, be it an image from our Smartphone or in the image library of our computer, although we can also use the link of an image that we have found on the Internet even though we have not downloaded it. Then, the search engine or the app will show us the places where that image appears. Normally it will give us several results and the first website will be the most important or the place of origin of the image we have searched for. In this way, we will be able to know who the original creator is, in the case of illustrations or if the photograph has come out of an image bank.

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Image reverse search from GoogleImage reverse search

One of the many Google tools to take advantage of our browser is the reverse image search. For this we only have to select in Google Images the option to “search by image” and instead of text, we will introduce a photograph or any image that we have stored in our library.

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If we use this tool from the computer, the easiest is that we go to the folder where we have the image stored and drag it directly into the search engine. When entering it, the search engine will give us all the results related to that image. For starters, the main website where we can find it, but we will also see results from other sites where it is present. These will be pages with images that match the search. Keep reading: sites like Omegle 

Reverse search from smartphonesImage reverse search

Google has a limited option regarding these types of searches using the Chrome browser on the mobile, especially if it is Android. But it allows us other options with which we can do the reverse search directly.

For this, we only have to go to the image that we want to find and hold it down until a pop-up menu appears where it offers us various options. One of them is “search this image in Google”. In the case of not having this option because a Smartphone does not work, we can copy the URL of the image that interests us and paste it in the search engine directly.

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Other tools for reverse searches

From the browser of our computer, in addition to the Google search engine, we can use other tools that have similar functions, but the first option will always be the best since Google is still the largest search engine.

Another issue is having to perform reverse searches on a mobile where we do not have the option of Google Chrome available. In the app store, we can find several applications where we can enter our images so that you can find them on Google. It is one of the best options in case we cannot do it in the browser. Some of the most prominent apps are Reverse Image Search, Image Search, or Reserve.

We can also access other reverse search apps for specific elements, such as Photo Sherlock, to find photos.

These tools help us find the main source of an image. This can be interesting to know if we are using a royalty-free photograph or illustration or if the original image is copyrighted.

If you want to know other tools like this you can visit our blog. In this article about visual search, you will learn how to take advantage of your business. Another post that may interest you is this one about Google Consumer Surveys and how it works. Be sure to take a look at our website where you will find a section with courses to access or all the information about our consulting services.

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