7 key tips for business travel

Traveling to a new place for business is one of the best things you can do for work. Not only do you have the opportunity to experience a different business culture, but you can also discover new aspects of your work. We share 7 key tips for business travel.

When I started traveling for work, I felt that emotion did not fit in me. However, this initial illusion would not last long, since it would soon discover its disadvantages, such as forgetting the mobile phone charger or not being able to move the legs during a long distance flight.

However, over the years I have created a small list of those things that I have to remember to take or do before boarding so that I feel calm and ready to make the most of the trip. Do you want to know what they are? Discover my essential travel tips to survive a business trip below!

Best tips for business travel

1. Take headphones with active noise cancellation and a masktips for business travel

You never know when you might need them. Maybe you find a crazy bachelorette party on the train when you’re trying to sleep or the person sitting next to you insists on not lowering the blinds so you can look out the window. Therefore, my advice is that you invest in headphones with decent cancellation or noise reduction and that you always keep all the masks that you offer on each trip.

2. Take enough food

Eat when you can. It’s much easier to not eat a bad plane meal than to suffer when you see that the only option available when the food cart finally arrives at your site is salmon. I think, therefore, that having three or four protein bars in your bag is perfect to keep you active. There is not always food in tourist class or maybe two lemon cookies and a glass of water are not exactly what you had in mind to eat. Having a second option will help you with the pangs of hunger. It is one of the best tips for business travel.

3. Stay hydratedtips for business travel

This is especially important when you are flying. The lack of humidity in the cabin increases the risk of dehydration or, at least, an unpleasant case of a dry throat. Make sure you always carry or buy a bottle of water, and remember that caffeine and diuretics do not help in case of dehydration.

Airplanes and trains always have very strong air conditioning, which can dry your skin and eyes. If you normally wear contact lenses, change them for glasses and wear eye drops. Also, do not forget to keep your skin hydrated.


4. Prevents possible pain

Staying seated for a long time can cause discomfort and cramps. Walk a little if you can or, at least, try to stretch your legs while sitting. Get an inflatable cervical pillow and a travel cushion, they will be very useful! I have a foam one that has saved me more than once!

5. Remedies

Prepare for every possible scenario, from migraines to nausea or earplugs. I, just in case, I usually take painkillers, pills for seasickness and hard candy.

6. Spend time

Make sure all your electronic devices are fully charged and invest in a portable charger. If you plan to finish some work, a headset can be very useful to concentrate. It is also worthwhile to invest in a tinted screen filter to prevent other passengers from snooping over your shoulder and seeing sensitive information about your company.

If, on the contrary, you are not going to work during the trip, do not leave your entertainment in the hands of the plane workers – if you do not want to see the Avengers movie for the fifth time … Download movies, TV shows, series, enough music and books to keep you busy all the way.

7. Clothingtips for business travel

Wear loose clothing for your own comfort. When you fly, the cabin pressure can make your feet and legs swell, so avoid tight jeans and pants at all costs! It is one of the tips for business travel.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to pass the route before! Follow these travel tips and you can greet your colleagues feeling totally fresh, relaxed and energetic to make the most of the time.

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