The holidays are approaching and I know that many of you will be served by these tips for traveling in cold weather. So, here I have a full article, so they can go to the North Pole if they wanted and still enjoy the cold without feeling it. Not like in my photo above that I almost hypothermia to take it.

Now, and what is the secret? Have an intelligent protection! The times have passed when one left with heavy and bulky jackets. But in reality they did not heat anything. Now I charge much less. And still I am better protected. The magic is to know how to conserve the heat of the body by effectively isolating it and keeping the skin dry at all times. Therefore, and following these 7 tips to travel to cold weather that I will give you below  you can enjoy the cold weather almost without feeling it!



  • Before exposing yourself to the cold, cover yourself well! Properly protected before exposure to cold will prevent the body from losing heat. When a cooling chart starts. The body must invest extra energy trying to recover the temperature.
  • Always cover your mouth and nose! Breathing cold air directly causes the body to lose temperature and increases the risk of contracting diseases. And it is something very easy to deal with, you just have to bring something with you to put there as a barrier, that half warm the air before entering your body. And it is already depending on how cold it is, if you wear a simple scarf or a thermal neck, which also encapsulate the heat radiated by the body. cold weather tips.
  • Get dressed in layers! A suitable clothing by layers allows the air to circulate freely around the body. Keeping it dry and encapsulating the heat. This guarantees an effective and comfortable protection at all times. In addition. It will allow you to adapt to changes in temperature when moving from closed to outdoor spaces. Because if at some point you feel some heat, it is just taking one of the layers off and thus regulating the path. And as a traveler it is important, because this way I avoid the use of heavy garments, which only make the body breathe more, moistening it. And producing a rapid loss of heat. Tips for travel to cold weather.
  • Cover your hands and ears. In cold environments, the brain sends more blood to the center of the body to protect the vital organs. This makes the extremities more prone and vulnerable to cooling. Therefore, good protection of hands, ears and feet is essential to maintain the temperature always at healthy and comfortable levels. It’s a little technical explanation. But it’s good that you know it. Because this topic is my passion and here I am happy writing for you! I am more than a traveler, I am an adventurer of life. And there is nothing I like more than walking in the mountains.
  • Please, do not use double media! And yes, believe it! It is something that most people still do when feeling cold weather and that before is counterproductive. Doing this will leave your feet so tight that, instead of retaining the heat. It will block the circulation of the air generating not only discomfort. But a much greater cooling by the humidity. Rather, it uses thick woolen socks. Or high protection technical materials.
  • Eat even better in winter. In a nutshell: intake more calories. In prolonged exposures to the cold, the body requires a greater consumption of liquids and a much higher diet of calories. As well as vitamins, especially A and C. Foods such as nuts, fruits and all kinds of sweets and healthy snacks. Help a lot with the regularization process, which is the body’s control system to maintain stable body temperature.
  • Protect yourself from solar radiation. By this I mean you make good use of sunscreen, on the lips and skin. In addition to dryness and the risk of heat stroke, unprotected exposure dehydrate. And alters the regularization process, thus weakening the body.
  • Cold weather tips. In short, always bring these three layers: the interior, for the retention of body heat and effective evacuation of moisture. The intermediate to isolate you from the cold weather of the environment and also help with the retention of heat. And the outer layer for the isolation of rain, wind or even snow. The brand I use in these photos is Thermos, you can get it in several places in Colombia.



Recently I was challenged to show the world that traveling does not have to be expensive, and I decided to go to Paris. A city that “is supposed” to be expensive, from there to show you that you can also travel to Paris cheap … or any part of the world, as I always tell you!

The first thing that struck me when I arrived in Paris at night was to see the iron lady in front of my nose, to see the beautiful Eiffel Tower: huge, full of lights. And with a strong ray of light that turned over the city and towards remembering my days in Australia.

I was still with bags, barely arriving, but the feeling I felt did not think I would forget it soon. And that was predisposed. Since such tannin and tourist places have never surprised. But this time yes, and enough!

And I do not say it just for the tower, but for everything that surrounds it and the energy that it feels to walk around. Or to sit in the park that is in front, where everyone in love takes a good wine. Or champagne while waiting for the moment when all the lights of the tower are lit. Which make it look even more beautiful.

People even applaud, as if it were a flight from the United States back to Colombia after years of being outside.

Paris is a majestic, imposing city. I love the historical and cultural part of traveling, I was impressed by its great palaces and buildings in the Aussman style. Many of them built when Colombia was not even a Republic. It is also the capital of glamor and good taste throughout the world. However, many believe that it is an unattainable city.

But the truth is no! You can travel to Paris cheap …



It is a very welcoming destination for travelers, and the big cities that I have visited, I found the most simple and pleasant to travel, because everything is there at hand. Here are several recommendations for my trip so you can take advantage of them.

First of all, let’s talk about the food. If they know France for anything in the world, it is for its exquisite food: its cheeses, its charcuterie, its wines, its desserts. Many of these products are unthinkable in Colombia, but in Paris you can find the best quality cheeses and wines for less than 4 euros.

We are talking that for less than $ 9,900 Colombian pesos you can buy a five-year Bordeaux, a good Roquefort cheese and a baguette for a picnic on the banks of the Seine River, for example.

You can also enjoy the Parisian markets, and it is something that I highly recommend. Every morning they put on some of the main roads markets with chorizos, cheeses, hams, fruits and even mushrooms. When they make their first stop of the day there, they have breakfast or lunch ready and can spend the rest of the day enjoying the city.

Art is also cheap. With 12 Euritos you can enter the Louvre Museum: one of the largest and most varied in the world. Even, and to point there in his libretica, the first Sunday of every month all the museums of Paris are free.

If they can match, they can see from mummies or Roman statues, to the most beautiful works of art imaginable without spending a single peso. Of course, buy tickets in advance to save the large rows that are assembled at the entrance.

I also recommend buying your souvenirs in Montmartre, which is a super nice artists’ square, where you can buy paintings, take self-portraits or get laminates from Paris at very cheap prices.

I recommend them as long as they go with time, and not just for chulearlo. Since it is for me the most welcoming place in all of Paris. What I did was lose myself in its stone streets, have a coffee in its cozy restaurants. And best of all, spend the afternoon to see the sunset from the viewpoint in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which in fact is very nice. The panoramic photographs that can be taken from above are incredible!

Paris is a charming city and the truth is that it is not expensive. If you know how to move in it, which is what I wanted to show you in these short videos.

If you want, you can also take the test and, in passing, send me a picture from there. And your best advice to include them in a future article. And together, let’s prove that traveling does not have to be expensive.

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