Best 5 inspiring small kitchen designs

Functional luxury is fashionable, also for furnishing the kitchen designs; fresh, bright. And suggestive ideas that will turn your kitchen into a more sophisticated space without losing the practicality that is needed in an environment of these characteristics. We tell you the best solutions for your kitchen to look with more class.

Trends in modern kitchen designs always evolve. Before, this space was only used for cooking and eating. But nowadays it has become a much more integrated place to daily life. It is not uncommon to find people watching television, using the computer. Or studying, in addition to the activities for which the kitchens have been designed. Therefore, given that the kitchen has become a multi functional room, the decoration increasingly occupies a more important role. And today in Decorate  Ideas we will present some of the main trends in kitchens.

Top 5 inspiring small kitchen designs

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Many times we wonder how to find good designs of small kitchens that allow us to have all those things we want in our kitchen despite enjoying little space. Next, using some small kitchen decorations as examples. We will explain solutions to  the perfect kitchen designs for your home.

Bet on kitchen furniture with storage space

Small kitchen designs have to think very well about storage space. Think of all the dishes, paellas, pots and cutlery that you have to store in those pieces of furniture. Today, there are some special furniture, adapted for each of the elements of the kitchen. Besides being very practical for its smooth sliding and its storage space perfectly thought for its use. This celestial blue kitchen has very well thought both the storage space and the space for cooking on the counter top. It is small but comfortable and functional.

A small kitchen design with dining area

inspiring small kitchen designs

Depending on the distribution of our house , we can choose an independent kitchen or a kitchen / dining room. The designs of small kitchens with dining room are practical. Since it allows you to eat in the same place where you cook, without having to walk the dishes throughout the house. This is an example of a very modern dining kitchen. With wood-colored kitchen floors and furniture, white walls, orange chairs and a large white table. A detail without waste: the carpet that we can see in the right part of the photograph.

Think well about the distribution of your kitchen

the small kitchen designs

Look at the space you have to design your small kitchen designs, depending on the shape. And size, you can place more or less large kitchen furniture. In addition to kitchen furniture, you have to also think about the size of your appliances and how to place them in the space. Depending on the distribution, you must choose from the existing kitchen models. The one that works best in the space: in L, in U, in the corridor, etc. This kitchen in pearl gray is small. But it has a lot of storage space and a very practical and comfortable distribution, on the one hand, the space for the cooking of the food in the gas stove and a small space on the right for the preparation of the food.

Choose style and color

discover kitchen designs

Another of the things that you must take into account to find designs of small kitchens that attract you, is the decorative style and color, always taking into account the choice you have made for the rest of your home. If your whole house is decorated in a Nordic, modern or vintage style , you should choose a kitchen designs that unifies the whole. This kitchen with hall design in gray, has a modern style but with certain elements that confer some antiquity and personality to a design of simple and practical forms.

A design for the whole family

best kitchen designs

The kitchen designs not only has to think for the cook. It must also be suitable for all those people who live in the home, especially when there are children involved. It has to be a clean, functional and comfortable place, where everyone can access the most essential utensils, objects and appliances. In summary, the designs of small kitchens must take into account several aspects, but the most fundamental are: distribution, functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

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