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Making your warehouse Covid secure

With lockdown affecting businesses globally this year, how do warehouses open up effectively with social distancing in place? After months of no or little activity, many businesses are now seeking to keep operations going whilst adapting processes in line with social distancing guidelines. So, how can you protect public health whilst not damaging productivity?

Areas of a warehouse will need to be carefully managed with new policies being applied. The entire site will need to be considered, not just the main work areas. It is crucial to think about areas of poor ventilation, areas where close contact may occur, and crowded or communal spaces.

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In a warehouse setting, you’ll need to consider what activities are being carried out, not just work-related but also recreation areas. Why these activities are happening and in particular, if this is causing congestion. The equipment that staff use will also need to be considered. Are they sharing hand held scanners, for example? Equipment may need to be assigned to specific individuals.

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Is the layout of the warehouse Covid secure? Shelving may need to be reconfigured to ensure there is enough space between operatives moving back and forth. Find out more about Shelving Ireland options at a site like

It is also important to think about when employees are doing certain activities. It will probably be necessary to stagger shift start and end times, as well as break times to avoid times when people are congregating together.

PPE for staff should be worn correctly and it should be made easy for these items to be washed regularly.


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