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The five most popular health apps to control your health

With these five most popular health apps, you can control your health conditions for good. The holidays are an endearing time; however, they can also play a trick on our health. Lunches in family, long days with friends or excursions to the cold are some of the factors that are a double-edged sword for our health. Like the doctor who knows everything and understands everything, the smartphone can also connect us even with our doctor of flesh and blood with a couple of clicks.

In relation to the care of our health during these dates, these are the 5 apps that you can download if you want to control your health and well-being wherever you are and whenever you want.

Five most popular health apps to download:

 most popular health apps


Despite having all the previous applications, there are always unforeseen events that can play tricks on us. Suppose one of the children has a fever … for those emergencies, we present you to Gadaca. It is a digital health app that offers medical video consultation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you do not have to spend long hours waiting in the hospital or health center and you can solve your questions and of yours from home. This application works through a network of private hospitals and guarantees you a doctor’s attention in less than 3 minutes just by pressing a button. In addition, the doctor can send you the recipes online, check your history or receive tests that you have done previously and offers a free 30-day trial!


Balance what you eat, Balance your calorie counter and your nutrition and healthy life counselor. Runtastic is a place where you can write down everything you eat and get nutrition information in a practical and simple way. In this way, you will know where your limits are and how far you can eat and drink this Christmas without risking your cholesterol and derivatives.

 most popular health apps

Men’s Health Personal Fitness Trainer:

Men’s Health Personal Fitness Trainer is one of the most popular health apps you were looking for. Thousands of MH users are already enjoying this app, without a doubt the best training application you will find, with more than 500 workouts and more than 1000 exercises with which you can achieve your goals. And what is better, all this bible training is completely free.

 most popular health apps

Train me:

This most popular health apps allows you to find a personal trainer for everything you need, whatever your level and your goals. Thanks to Train me for having a sports professional at hand becomes a very simple task. You can choose a discipline and everything that best suits your schedule, profile, requirements, etc. Sport at the highest level or simply for health, everything has its place and it is professional.

Good for me:

Allergic, intolerant, this is your jewel in the crown. If you often have problems to know what you can eat, food restrictions that make you not comfortable in certain places for fear of something happening, this application has been created by people who suffer this problem and need a solution that will help them effectively in your day to day. Food allergy, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, vegetarians, vegan, palm oil … scan all your delicacies and this app will tell you if it is suitable for your food plan or not. Enjoy the typical meals of these dates, but yes, always knowing what you are going to eat and how you can sit!

These five most popular health apps are just tools that can help you add that extra care to your health on a day-to-day basis, and more on dates so indicated in the calendar for everyone.

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