How to steam asparagus

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Learning how to steam asparagus on the grill is easy, requires few ingredients, and takes only a few minutes. Steamed asparagus is super healthy food and cooked in a way that maintains all the taste and properties of asparagus. These asparagus are perfect to accompany dishes such as grilled meat or baked salmon.

Steps to follow:steam asparagus

Step 1

Place a piece of aluminum foil in a square shape, and about 30cm on a side, on a table. Place a tablespoon of butter in the center of the leaf (or about the same amount of olive oil, whichever you prefer).

Step 2

Wash the asparagus well (if they are not organic). Shake off excess water and put them on the cutting board. Cut about 3 inches from the bottom of each spear. Make sure you remove the hard white ends from each of the spears. Compost the discarded ends.

Step 3

Place the trimmed asparagus on the foil, over the butter or olive oil, in the center of the foil. Season with salt and black pepper. For 10 spears, use a pinch of black pepper and two pinches of salt. You can also add other spices at this time and know that asparagus absorbs most flavors well. It’s delicious with everything from cumin to garlic to thyme to oregano. If you are using butter, cut two or three tablespoons of butter and divide it into small squares. Add them on top of the seasoned asparagus and spread them out. If you are using olive oil, drizzle a few more tablespoons on the asparagus.

Step 4

Take the ends of the aluminum square and fold securely so that it forms something like a bundle. It’s okay to allow a little respite, but not too big.

Step 5

Place the foil packet on the grill, away from the center where the heat is greatest. For firmer asparagus, cook for about 4-6 minutes. If you want more tender asparagus, steam the asparagus for about 7-9 minutes.

Step 6

You can use your grill tongs to shake the packet as it cooks, which helps the butter or oil better soak up the spices. Remove from heat and serve steamed asparagus.


Steaming asparagus is the healthiest way to eat it

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