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The Advantages Of Wearing Organic Bamboo Underwear

A shift away from your consumerist-driven lifestyle is long needed, especially now that you are becoming more aware of the massive and highly impactful effects of the fashion industry on your environment. It is always the right time to make the transition and participate in the trip; even though this line of thought has been at the heart of the business of bamboo underwear and the goal to provide your daily basics sustainably, it is never too late to make a move. Even though the information may be challenging to process, it is more vital than ever before that you pay attention. Every ten minutes, a landfill in Australia receives 6,000 kilos of textile trash from the country’s residents. This number should motivate all of you to begin buying more strategically.


Have you been informed? Because your skin is the organ that absorbs the most, the things you put on your body are just as vital as the things you put in it. Bamboo is inherently organic and does not need chemicals to increase its development. This means that it does not require any pesticides, insecticides, or fertilisers. The bamboo fibre is woven into the fabric to create spaces through which air may easily circulate. Your underwear is kind to the environment and has a supple and breathable construction where you need it most. Find out more about the advantages of using bamboo in the garment industry here.

Anti-Bacterial As Well As Wicking Away Moisture

Bamboo naturally includes an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bioagent, and this property is maintained even after the material has been processed and washed. Because of this quality, Boody clothing is not susceptible to developing unpleasant odours. This is very significant because the structure of the bamboo fibres includes micro-gaps. These micro-gaps offer ventilation and remove moisture, both of which are necessary for the proliferation of bacteria. In addition to being breathable, the fabric of organic bamboo underwear is inherently superior to other materials in terms of its ability to wick away moisture and absorb it. This ensures that you will remain feeling clean and dry throughout the day. It may surprise you that bamboo fibre is inherently absorbent and quickly wicks away moisture; it does so up to four times quicker than cotton.

Environmentally-friendly Underwear

It’s a well-known fact that bamboo is better than trees in removing carbon dioxide from the air while producing 35% more oxygen per unit of surface area. Bamboo is essential to the delicate equilibrium between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. Because of this, bamboo is a great plant for absorbing greenhouse gases and creating healthy, pure oxygen. Bamboo serves as the primary material for all of your creations. It is up to you to choose the most sustainable, comfortable, healthy, and wellness-promoting decision.


Bamboo underwear and viscose may be likened to some of the world’s most abundant materials, such as silk. Fabric made from bamboo is long-lasting while retaining its silky smoothness and suppleness to the touch. The fibres of bamboo are smooth and spherical, and they include a natural component called pectin, which contributes to the softness of their overall texture. The cloth falls beautifully and smoothly without creasing in any way. When bamboo fibre is cleaned, it becomes progressively more pliable. This is because the fibres in bamboo align themselves rather than shifting out of place.

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