Tips for looking around an empty property

When you’re house-hunting, it can be difficult to get excited about viewing empty properties. They often get overlooked but can actually offer considerable benefits to potential buyers. Here are some reasons why you should think twice about dismissing that empty house:

  1. Unfurnished homes don’t attract the same level of interest as furnished ones because the internal photographs aren’t as appealing and welcoming. However, remember that viewing a property in its bare and stripped back condition allows your imagination to run wild and see exciting potential which you might not have seen were it furnished.

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  1. Try to see the bigger picture. A further benefit of seeing an empty property is that its genuine condition can clearly be seen. Any problems aren’t being hidden and it’s also easier to get a real feel for the size of the place. The internal condition and available space are clearer to see. For Gloucester houses for sale, visit co.uk/for-sale/houses/gloucester/
  2. See it your way. Viewers can be put off by seeing existing furniture or décor that they don’t like. An empty property allows you to imagine your own items of furniture in situ and your own décor ideas. Viewing an unfurnished home is like looking at a blank canvas ready for you to make your mark. This is very exciting for many people, who can’t wait to personalise a property and make it their own.
  3. Less chain stress. Buying an already empty property tends to be a more straightforward process because the seller has already moved on. This provides much more flexibility for the potential buyers on when they want to move in. An empty home can often mean a quick sale, less chance of a chain falling through and a faster moving date.

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  1. Be positive. Don’t make assumptions about why the property is currently empty. Many potential buyers think the worst – that there must be issues or it’s undesirable for some reason. It could just be that the sellers have moved abroad or to another UK location. Perhaps it was simply a second home that is no longer required or is vacant due to a bereavement.

In conclusion, don’t assume that empty properties are to be avoided. There could be a genuinely harmless reason for it being vacant already. When viewing the property, try to imagine what it would look like with all your things in it and your choice of décor. You’ll also have the benefit of seeing the available space better and noticing any internal issues more easily.



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