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Treatment Options for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Are you expecting a baby? If so, congratulations! There is nothing more beautiful, or miraculous, as carrying and birthing a baby. That said, if you’re someone who is past your first trimester, you can probably also attest to the fact that as your baby is growing and your body has to make necessary adjustments, sometimes the process can be painful. Especially when it comes to back pain.

Back Pain During Pregnancy

The good news is that there are certain things that you can do that will help to relieve your back discomfort. If you’re interested in knowing about some of the treatment options for back pain during pregnancy, we have offered you five of them below:

Get an exercise ball. If you ask just about any mother who used an exercise ball during their pregnancy what they liked about it, they will probably spend the next several minutes telling you just how much of a lifesaver that it was. One of the main reasons why it’s such a favorite is because by sitting on the ball, you will instantly feel comfort and physical relief. Although you can use it to simply sit on while you’re at work, eating or watching television, you can also use it to do different kinds of exercises too. One website that offers you several kinds of exercises is Baby Zone. Just go to the site and put “exercise for pregnancy fitness” in the search field.

Do some low-impact workouts. When you have back pain, you probably will not feel much like exercising but the reality is that by doing so, you can actually make your back (and the rest of your body) feel much better. The key is to do low-impact exercises like yoga or water aerobics.

Lift things properly. If you must lift something on your own, the key is to pick it up with your legs rather than your back. You can do this by kneeling down, one knee at a time, in order to get to what you are trying to reach. However, if your back is already in pain, we recommend that you do not pick the item up and that you ask someone for assistance instead. Better to wait for what you want than to put further strain on your back by lifting things up all by yourself.

Have back massages. Something else that you can do for back pain remedies is purchasing what is known as a mat. It’s a mat that’s created in such a way that it helps to remove stress and pain. However, if you can’t seem to find relief from using it, consider getting some lower back massages. Just make sure that you get them from a licensed massage therapist. Being that you are pregnant, you need to receive massages from someone who is trained in working with women in your condition.

Watch how you sleep. According to many reports, when you’re sleeping on your back, you are putting as much as 55 pounds of pressure on it. That can definitely add to back discomfort. So, try either laying on your side with a pillow in between your knees or if you would prefer to be on your back, put a pillow under your knees. That will cut the amount of weight that your back feels in half. For information on great pregnancy pillows that you can buy, visit Contour Living, A Pea in the Pod, BabyAge, Amazon or Walmart.

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